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We’ve received a tip off that the software publisher Attachmate is suing Mobistar, a Belgian telecommunications company. It is alleged that Attachmate is claiming 4.5 million Euros (around 6.12M $USD or 3.57M £GBP) for alleged illegal ...
07 July 2014
5 minute read
Citrix, the ubiquitous virtualization company, is to be acquired for $16.5 billion by “Vista Equity Partners” and “Evergreen Coast Capital” – the latter being an affiliate of “Elliott Investment Management”. The fact Citrix have been acquired ...
10 February 2022
4 minute read
We all often talk about the “Big 4” Tier 1 vendors – Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM – but more and more, increasing amounts of attention must be paid some of the smaller vendors. Often referred to ...
22 September 2020
5 minute read
Software vendor financial results can be more interesting for ITAM & SAM managers than they might first appear. Looking at how the software vendors are performing on a quarterly and annual basis can give the savvy ...
13 August 2020
9 minute read
Software Publisher Audits during COVID-19 Have software publisher audits stepped up as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak? Auditing customers is a tried and tested means of generating revenue for software publishers during a downturn – ...
30 July 2020
2 minute read
Earlier this year, we covered a software audit legal case between Micro Focus and their customer Express Scripts and, having read through some of the court documents, there are some enlightening points to look through. It’s ...
29 April 2020
9 minute read
I don’t want to jump on the bandwagon and, in the grand scheme of things there are bigger, much more immediate concerns, but I do think it’s worthwhile considering the impact the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak ...
17 March 2020
5 minute read
Another software audit case has gone to court – February 2019 saw the start of a case between Micro Focus v Express Scripts Inc. The document I have access to is a report of the initial ...
21 January 2020
10 minute read
LogMeIn may be familiar to you as a provider of remote support access software across the internet. What may be less well-known is that they also own GoToMeeting (web-conferencing) (formerly a Citrix offering) and LastPass (password ...
09 January 2020
4 minute read
ITAM Professionals contribute a vast amount of value to their organisations. They cut costs, often in the millions, they reduce risk, and they see off time-consuming audit requests. Modern ITAM teams also improve employee experience by ...
06 February 2019
3 minute read

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