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The Secondary Software Market, created by an EU-ruling in 2012, is not just about sourcing second-hand copies of old licenses, or getting some money back for your now redundant Office licenses. In preparing a guide to ...
26 October 2018
4 minute read
This article was co-authored with Michael Vilain, Director of International Sales at CapeFoxx AG. Microsoft price increases Microsoft is increasing Office/Microsoft 365 prices in March 2022, with several products seeing double-digit rises. Office 365 E1 – ...
26 January 2022
6 minute read
Whiteboard Wednesday Episode 25. What is the secondary software? Welcome to Whiteboard Wednesday, this week, what is the secondary software market? https.// Please like, follow, subscribe to Whiteboard Wednesday updates, reach out on social media and say ...
06 October 2021
3 minute read
This article was written by Rich Gibbons, ITAM Review, and Noel Unwin, Discount Licensing. Following the decision made by the United Kingdom (UK) to leave the European Union (EU) on 31st January 2020, negotiations between the ...
09 April 2020
4 minute read
This webinar has now taken place.   Join ITAM Review Analysts and a selection of vendors for a 3 hour virtual conference on Software Cost Reduction on Thursday 27th February 2020 at 2pm GMT. Cost reduction has ...
08 January 2020
1 minute read
This article was written by Rich Gibbons of ITAM Review and Noel Unwin of Discount Licensing. In July 2012, the second-hand software market received a definitive answer from the European Court of Justice (ECJ) when it ...
05 June 2019
7 minute read
This month’s Market Guide looks at options for managing assets at the end of the ITAM lifecycle. A vital part of Retire is ensuring that all data has been removed from assets prior to disposal. This ...
30 May 2019
3 minute read
January’s Market Guide looks at tools for ITAM Process Automation. As our roles as IT Asset Managers mature there is a need to deal efficiently with day-to-day operational demands on our time, and automation is a ...
31 January 2019
3 minute read
The ITAM Review are delighted to announce the publication of a Market Guide for SaaS Optimisation & Subscription Management tools. This is the first in a series of Market Guides, to be published monthly, looking at ...
26 July 2018
2 minute read
European SAM teams have been able to buy and sell software licensing on the secondary market since the EU ruling in 2012, but it seems that only now is the market beginning to gain significant traction. ...
28 February 2018
14 minute read

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