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The ITAM Review offers the latest news and insights within the ITAM field to keep you informed of the latest updates and best practices in the area. Our newsroom covers important topics in IT Asset Management, Software Asset Management and Software Licensing. Below you will find all of our articles in chronological order, then filtered into four main categories: News & Analysis, Best Practice, Audits and Software Publishers.
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    Digital document solutions - why every ITAM professional should be managing one

    In the face of growing environmental concerns and the urgent need for sustainable practices, the role of ITAM is expanding. Today, ITAM professionals are uniquely positioned to drive sustainability initiatives within their organisations. Sustainability in ITAM ...
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  • FinOps Guide for ITAM Managers: Free download

    Successfully bridging the gap between ITAM & FinOps will be a huge boost to ITAM within any organisation, and bring demonstrable business benefits too. To help ITAM managers better understand and navigate FinOps, we have created this short, FREE guide for our readers.
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  • Event: An introduction and overview of Microsoft Licensing

    15 April 2008 18.30 – 15 April 2008 21.20 GMT, London Outline of Licensing session This session is aimed at providing IT professionals with a complete understanding of Microsoft’s Software Licensing. The course is not in-depth ...
  • New Report Demonstrates Licensing Savings

    A new report has been published in conjunction with SaaS systems management company TriActive and consulting firm THINKstrategies.  “The study, which included data collected by TriActive’s Asset Management Suite™ from over 125,000 endpoints across 460 companies, ...
  • Fast tackles illegal software auctions

    The Federation Against Software Theft (Fast) has reiterated its determination to crack down on the sale of pirated software on auction websites. The announcement follows the launch of 17 auction piracy actions against individuals selling counterfeit ...
  • Software Piracy Hot Lists

    Interesting article by Enterprise IT Planet on the activities of the software piracy watchdogs. The ‘Hot Lists’ include “2007 Software Titles Most Frequently Pirated by Companies” and “2007 Software Titles Most Frequently Pirated from the Internet”. Software ...
  • Two companies settle software copyright claims

    A refreshing change – the BSA is actually naming companies in their recent press release. TruStile Doors and Sentage have settled with the Business Software Alliance and agreed to pay fines for their use of unlicensed ...
  • Typography Test

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