In addition to the latest news and events we also offer produce a series of in-depth resources aimed at helping you to develop your career and develop your ITAM practice. Scroll down to browse some of our additional resources including podcasts and videos.
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    Podcast Episode 31: Inventory & Discovery

    In this Podcast, I am joined by Mathias Knops, Head of Product Management at Aspera to discuss his experience and recommendations regarding Inventory and Discovery. Since the Aspera solution – SmartTrack, does not feature an Inventory or Discovery element, I ...
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    Podcast Episode 30: Microsoft Licensing - Hot Topics

    Following Rich joining The ITAM Review team last week, we thought we catch up with the Microsoft Licensing Guru himself on a Podcast to discuss the current hot topics in Microsoft Licensing. Podcast Topics Introducing Rich ...
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    Podcast Episode 29: Women in the Field of ITAM

    Further to a recent survey, we found that 32% of The ITAM Review audience are female which lead to me to have a discussion with Kylie Fowler, CEO of ITAM Intelligence and leader of the BCS Group. In ...
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    Podcast Episode 28: Quick Guide to ISO/IEC 19770-1

    In this podcast, I am joined by Rory Canavan of SAM Charter to share his views and experiences on ISO/IEC 19770-1 Standard. Throughout the podcast, Rory refers to SAM Charter’s approach to SAM. Discussion Topics. The role ...
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    Podcast Episode 26: The Audit Monitor role

    In this episode, recorded in September 2016, I was joined by Nico Blokland and Sean van Koutrik of In2SAM, a SAM specialist company from The Netherlands. Nico and Sean discuss how agile methodologies can be applied to ...
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    Podcast Episode 25: Data quality, toasters and the internet of things

    In this podcast I’m joined by Mike Jones at Airtrack and Dave Bowser at Raynet. We discuss the role of data quality in ITAM and the potential increase in scope for the ITAM market as more ...
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    ITAM Review Podcast Episode 24: ITAM Futures

    Ahead of our US & UK Annual Conferences this Autumn, Martin Thompson speaks with three representatives from a few of our Sponsors in the ITAM market who are invested in the growth and futures of ITAM. Martin speaks ...
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    Podcast: Episode 23 - All things SAP

    Podcast Episode 23. In this Podcast episode, I am joined by Patrick Dickinson, Senior Consultant at Aspera to discuss all things SAP. Podcast topics. About Secure Integration and Aspera Which team of an organisation deal with selling/ implementing SAP? What ...
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    Podcast Episode 22: News Round

    In this Podcast, Martin Thompson is joined by Danny Begg, SAM Technical Specialist at HRG and Rory Canavan, Owner at SAM Charter to discuss the all things ITAM and the latest news in the industry. Topics Covered. Computing. ...
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    Podcast Episode 19: New licensing body tackles issues directly with software publishers

    In this podcast Martin Thompson of The ITAM Review speaks with Peter Van Uden of Global Software Licensing Specialist Expert Circle. Podcast Topics What is GSLSEC and why was it set up? What is the outcome of this ...

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