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Long-form content from ITAM leaders and practitioners that delves into the details of an issue. Perfect for the hands-on ITAM professional.
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    The Shadow IT Governance Framework: 5 Key Elements

    For over twenty years, IT managers have struggled with the challenge of managing an IT estate which is no longer under their direct control. In this whitepaper we explore approaches to this problem and advocate new ...
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    Micro Focus licensing guide: Government & non-profit

    Government entities purchase via the “VLA for Government” and the rules are very similar to those for the commercial VLA – these can be found here. Qualification for the program Qualifying government entities must meet all ...
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    Micro Focus Support guide

    Following this Micro Focus Support guide – be on the lookout for our Academic, Government, & Non-profit guides soon! Maintenance & Support Micro Focus offer both “Business Support” and “Premium Support” which provide access to new ...
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    Micro Focus Commercial Licensing guide

    Following this Micro Focus Commercial Licensing guide – be on the look out for our Academic, Government and non-profit, and Support guides soon! There are two agreement types for commercial businesses. Volume License Agreement (VLA) Master ...
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    5 essential Excel skills for ITAM professionals

    Excel and other spreadsheets are powerful, universally available tools available for manipulating data. As such, they are popular with the IT Asset Management profession – after all, all that we do is founded upon trustworthy data. ...
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    Strategies to raise your ITAM maturity

    This article “Strategies to raise your ITAM maturity” was written by Rich Gibbons, ITAM Review with Antony Attfield and Dan Ortman, SoftwareOne. IT Asset Management (ITAM) has historically focused on software license compliance, although ITAM teams ...
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    From the Paris Agreement to ITAM, how every IT Asset Manager can support climate change

    The environmental business benefits of ITAM have historically taken a back seat compared to cost savings and compliance, but the unequivocal evidence of climate change is forcing the world to take a look at the damage ...
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    Getting to know: Micro Focus

    We all often talk about the “Big 4” Tier 1 vendors – Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM – but more and more, increasing amounts of attention must be paid some of the smaller vendors. Often referred to ...
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    IBM v the IRS: The audit - what can we learn?

    This story of an audit that found its way into court last year is, originally, from 2013 but only recently came to light…and it’s a doozy! What happened? According to a whistle-blower (a former IBM employee), ...
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    Getting started with Salesforce licensing

    Getting started with Salesforce licensing. Salesforce is considered by many to be the originator of SaaS (Software as a Service) licensing and, as such, becoming under-licensed isn’t the primary concern for SAM & ITAM professionals – ...

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