Online Summit: Software Management - Insights about Microsoft, Oracle and More!

Join us for our Online Summit on July 25th, crucial for IT asset managers. Topics include license management, Microsoft's and Oracle's year-end reviews, and more. Gain insights for effective software management in 2024 and beyond.
25 July 2024

About this event

Join us for our Online Summit on July 25th at 2pm BST, a must-attend event for IT asset managers, IT procurement professionals, and licensing specialists focused on managing software assets and SaaS applications. This summit is particularly timely, as it follows the financial year-end of major software giants Microsoft and Oracle, which has major implications on your ITAM and SAM strategies for the following year!

Our team of independent experts will cover the following:

  • Beyond License Management: Gain insights into managing software beyond traditional license management and understand how the future of applications is driving this evolution.
  • Microsoft Year-End Review: New Thought Leader Kelly Yip will deliver her debut session, providing insights into Microsoft’s financial year-end results, product roadmap, and strategic implications for your organization.
  • Oracle Year-End Review: AJ Witt will offer a comprehensive analysis of Oracle’s financial performance and strategic direction.

Additionally, our partners will present on key software management topics:

  • Anglepoint: Take a peak behind the currents at the VSAM program, as we discuss what the new program entails, what are the requirements, benefits and other considerations.
  • Azul: Insights into managing Java in enterprise environments.
  • SoftwareONE: IBM’s overall software strategy
  • Synyega: Overview of the Microsoft Copilot family, licensing, and AI’s role in Microsoft’s strategy, impacting customers, budgets, and the planet.

If time allows, we’ll conclude with a panel Q&A session featuring our experts and partners. This is your opportunity to gain practical insights and strategies for managing software effectively in 2024 and beyond.


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Why you should attend

Timely Insights: Get the latest updates following Microsoft and Oracle’s financial year-end, crucial for your ITAM and SAM strategies for the year ahead.

Expert Knowledge: Learn from industry leaders about advanced software management and future trends.

Exclusive Content: Discover new programs like Anglepoint’s VSAM, manage enterprise Java with insights from Azul, learn about IBM’s overall software strategy from SoftwareONE and get an overview of the Microsoft Copilot family, licensing, and AI’s role in Microsoft’s strategy from Synyega.

Interactive Q&A: Engage directly with experts and get your questions answered in real-time.


14:00 - 14:10 Welcome & Introduction
Ryan Stefani, ITAM Forum
14:10 - 14:30 Microsoft Year-End Review
Kelly Yip, ITAM Forum
14:30 - 14:50 Oracle Year-End Review
AJ Witt, ITAM Forum
14:50 - 15:20 Preparing for IBM's Shift to Subscription: Navigating Hybrid Offerings and Audit Tactics
Marco Conforte, SoftwareONE - Get ready for IBM's transition to subscription-based software. In this session, our expert will explore the implications of IBM’s shift, including the introduction of hybrid offerings and evolving audit tactics. Gain insights into how these changes affect IT asset management and discover practical strategies to manage and optimize your IBM software assets effectively.
15:20 - 15:50 Compelling Conversations Around Oracle Java Licensing
Simon Ritter, Azul - In the last five years, Oracle has changed the licensing and pricing of its Java product four times. In this session, we’ll discuss what these changes mean to users, focusing on the switch to an employee-based price metric. Although Oracle uses the No Fee Terms and Conditions license for its long-term support (LTS) Java versions, this doesn’t last forever. We’ll explain the implications of this and how, in September, Oracle JDK 17 will revert to a license that requires purchasing a Java SE subscription. By the end of this session, you’ll have a clear picture of your Java runtime options.
15:50 - 16:20 Microsoft, Copilot, and AI: The Future is...soon?
Rich Gibbons, Synyega - Rich will give you an overview of the Microsoft Copilot family including what products are available, how they're licensed, and what you need to consider. He will also explore how AI fits into Microsoft's overall strategy and what that means for customers, budgets, and the planet.
16:20 - 16:50 Understanding Oracle’s Verified SAM Program
Jeremy Sayler, Anglepoint - Jeremy, Anglepoint’s Director of Oracle service delivery offers insight into Oracle’s new VSAM program and outlines the benefits to Oracle clients. This session will address common questions to dispel concerns and provide guidance to Oracle clients looking to access the program and avoid costly audits.
16:50 - 17:00 Q&A & Close


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    Ryan Stefani
    Product Manager, ITAM Forum
    Ryan serves as the Product Manager at ITAM Forum, which includes ITAM Review and LISA. Ryan is a seasoned IT Asset Management (ITAM) professional, specialising in Hardware Asset Management (HAM), Software Asset Management (SAM), IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), SaaS Management, and Configuration Management. He is widely recognised for his research contributions such as the Magic Quadrant for SAM Tools. Ryan's passion lies in utilising ITAM to unlock valuable insights about organizational to empower improved decision-making that drives business value, mitigates risks, and enhances the technology experience.
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    AJ Witt
    ITAM Industry Analyst, ITAM Forum
    AJ is ITAM Industry Analyst at The ITAM Forum. Previous to joining the ITAM Review (now ITAM Forum) team in April 2018, he was Software Asset Manager for Carnival UK, operators of the P&O & Cunard cruise lines. Coming from a background in IT Infrastructure technical operations IT Security & Compliance, AJ is well-placed to share his experience of how dynamic SAM teams can build mutually-beneficial stakeholder engagement.
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    Kelly Yip
    ITAM Thought Leader and Advisor, ITAM Forum
    Kelly joined ITAM Forum team in June 2024 as ITAM Thought Leader and Advisor. She has worked in the SAM/ITAM industry for 13 years and has considerable experience with Microsoft, as well as broad experience with IBM and Oracle. With extensive Business Consulting and Software Licensing experience, she has spent the last few years focusing on bringing value to organisations, typically in the form of cost optimisation/cost avoidance and good ITAM practices. In addition to Business Consulting experience, Kelly has also been heavily involved in online course creation and delivered numerous workshops, along with classroom and remote training delivery. With a passion for value, Kelly is always keen to ensure that organisations are maximising the value of their IT software assets, and believes that training & enablement pay a huge role in driving this.
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    Jeremy Sayler
    Director-Oracle, Anglepoint
    Jeremy is a Director at Anglepoint and brings with him over 20 years of experience in the software/technology industry with expertise in support delivery, software license audits, account management and project management. He currently manages the Oracle team of licensing experts who have extensive knowledge surrounding compliance with contracts, deployment analysis, planning, and virtualization implications. Prior to joining Anglepoint, Jeremy spent 7 years at Rimini Street where he led their License Advisory Services group helping clients to more confidently manage their software license usage for Oracle and SAP. He also spent 9 years at Oracle working for Oracle’s License Management Services (LMS) and for the Oracle support renewal organization. These experiences have allowed Jeremy to be a trusted advisor who can speak to concerns with Oracle software contracts, license compliance, license audits and Oracle license/support policies.
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    Simon Ritter
    Deputy CTO, Azul
    Simon Ritter is the Deputy CTO of Azul. Simon joined Sun Microsystems in 1996 and spent time working in both Java development and consultancy. He has been presenting Java technologies to developers since 1999, focusing on the core Java platform as well as client and embedded applications.
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    Rich Gibbons
    Head of ITAM Market Development & Engagement, Synyega
    Having been in the software licensing and ITAM world since 2003, Rich has been a reseller, a consultant, a trainer, a presenter, and plenty more. After 7 great years at ITAM Review, he is now heading up ITAM Development at Synyega -the UK’s leading independent ITAM, FinOps, and GreenOps consultancy . Known for his fantastic shirts, deep Microsoft licensing knowledge, and love of hip-hop, Rich loves to make the complex simple and to help people stay informed on software licensing.
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