Rewriting ITAM - The Path to Technology Intelligence in 2025

ITAM Managers navigate evolving roles in complex environments, driven by tech advancements. Business leaders stress optimizing investments, mitigating risks, and aligning goals. Explore ITAM strategies and tech intelligence for better outcomes.
18 July 2024

About this event

What will ITAM’s remit be in the next five years? Complex hybrid environments – spanning traditional on-premises applications and infrastructure, cloud services, IoT devices, and containers – makes it incredibly hard to answer this question.

ITAM leaders must chart a clear path ahead. Without embracing evolution – such as FinOps expansion, and the emergence of Generative AI tools – traditional ITAM roles could soon be redundant.

During this session, our panel of experts will delve into these pressing challenges and explore how IT professionals can rewrite ITAM as we know it. The goal is to secure a more intelligent, successful ITAM function – for 2025 and beyond.


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Attend to learn how to

  • Successfully navigate the new world of hybrid IT environments and the ever-evolving IT landscape – including the proliferation of Generative AI, the importance of FinOps and unforeseen vulnerabilities created by SaaS sprawl.
  • Leverage ‘technology intelligence’ – what this is, why you need it, and how it helps ITAM to adapt and thrive in an increasingly complex technology landscape.
  • Drive collaboration and stakeholder engagement – foster innovation and drive transformation across the business to achieve unified goals and maximize cloud investments.

Discover how to leverage technology intelligence and ITAM strategies to make a meaningful impact on your organisation’s IT management and business outcomes.


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    Ryan Stefani
    Product Manager, ITAM Forum
    Ryan serves as the Product Manager at ITAM Forum, which includes ITAM Review and LISA. Ryan is a seasoned IT Asset Management (ITAM) professional, specialising in Hardware Asset Management (HAM), Software Asset Management (SAM), IT Asset Disposition (ITAD), SaaS Management, and Configuration Management. He is widely recognised for his research contributions such as the Magic Quadrant for SAM Tools. Ryan's passion lies in utilising ITAM to unlock valuable insights about organizational to empower improved decision-making that drives business value, mitigates risks, and enhances the technology experience.
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    John Schwartzenberger
    Solutions Advisor, Flexera
    John is a veteran ITAM transformation leader with over 20+ years experience. He has successfully driven strategies to automate and operationalize processes and build the technology solutions and infrastructure integrations necessary to deliver mature IT Asset Management programs, and governance structures that align to the company's business objectives. As a result John created full transparency of the IT estate and delivered significant cost savings, resource efficiencies and risk reduction.
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    Simon Bolton
    Director – Software Asset Management and License Management, KPMG UK
    Simon is a Director with over 15 years of experience in IT asset management, software sourcing and procurement, and Software/IT audit. He leads KPMG’s IT Asset Management (“ITAM”) Center of Excellence in the UK, a role which includes leadership of our EMEA Alliance with Flexera for technology asset management, and leadership of our UK based ServiceNow ITAM Practice.


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