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Licence management is the mainstay of many ITAM roles, so it is important to stay informed on the latest software publisher news. We aim to keep our readers informed on the latest developments at tier 1, 2 and 3 software publishers, combined with analysis of how it will affect ITAM professionals.
  • Oracle Licensing: The Data, The Report and The Reality

    Oracle Licensing: The Data, The Report and The Reality

    As with almost any complex area of life or business, Software Asset Management is seldom black and white. Like most of us, SAM practitioners need to deal with various shades of grey. This is the first ...
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  • System Center 2012 Licensing Changes: Everything You Need To Know

    System Center 2012 Licensing Changes: Everything You Need To Know

    This article has been contributed by Don Retallack, Analyst at Directions on Microsoft. Don analyzes and writes about Microsoft’s systems management and security offerings, including System Center and Forefront products. In Jan. 2012, Microsoft announced major ...
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  • Video: How to Run Oracle on VMware

    In this informative session Jason Keogh from iQuate and Will Monin from VMware explore how to optimize Oracle licensing within VMware environments. Topics. How Oracle is licensed? Processors, Cores and Core Factors Hard vs. Soft Partitioning ...
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  • Microsoft Aims to Simplify System Center 2012 Licensing

    [Thank you to regular reader ‘Niall’ who kindly contributed this article ] Last week Microsoft released details regarding licensing changes for System Center 2012. Companies that are considering any growth or expansion of their existing system ...
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  • Microsoft Sues Comet Over Windows ‘Piracy’

    Microsoft Licensing and Software Piracy made the evening news here in the UK this week. In a nutshell, Comet, a major UK high street retailer, wanted to continue to provide their customers with recovery disks after ...
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  • IBM Virtualization; Five Hidden Costs

    IBM Virtualization; Five Hidden Costs

    This article has been contributed by Julie Machal‐Fulks, of Scott & Scott, LLP. Many enterprises are exploring virtual technology as a way to reduce both hardware and software technology costs related to IBM solutions. For disaster recovery, security, ...
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  • Microsoft SQL 2012 Licensing Changes - Time to Get Control of Virtualized SQL

    Great conversations were had at the UK SAM Networking event this week at Covent Garden. Connect with either Ian Preskett, David Phillips or the BCS to join future sessions. One popular topic was the recent changes ...
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  • Oracle Licensing in a Fluid Virtual Environment

    The following question has been posted within the Virtual User Group (VUG) by an ITAM Review reader. If you have experiences or advice to share regarding managing this type of Oracle licensing scenario please post your ...
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  • IBM - The Dark Horse of Software Audits?

    IBM - The Dark Horse of Software Audits?

    I recently interviewed Alan Swahn, VP of Product Management at Flexera Software. We discussed IBM Licensing and the IBM audit program. Q. Why IBM? Shouldn’t companies spend more time focusing on Microsoft, Adobe or Oracle audit compliance? ...
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