2010 Best Use of Software ID Tags Contest

07 January 2010
3 minute read
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2010 Best Use of Software ID Tags Contest

07 January 2010
3 minute read

The ITAM Review is proud to be co-sponsoring the ‘2010 Best Use Of Tags’ Contest.

The contest will identify and recommend those SAM vendors who have clearly demonstrated the use of tags in their technology.

Last month I posted an update to the ISO/IEC 19770 Standard (see the article here) whereby I mentioned that for the Standard to be successful and for the industry to benefit “It is all about the execution”.

Software Vendors, Partners and End Users need to implement the standard.

Steve Klos from TagVault and I will be reviewing SAM tools and will present our findings in the Spring. (see full details of the contest here)

In the meantime, please take action to implement the Standard.

“A rising tide lifts all boats”


  1. Harass your software vendors and ask them what they are DOING about the standard (‘Watching with interest’ is not DOING)
  2. Harass your tool vendor and ask them what they are DOING about the standard  (‘Watching with interest’ is not DOING)
  3. LEARN MORE: Free Webinar “Lower Costs with Certified Software Identification Tags” with Alan Vander Mallie, Federal ITAM Program Manager, General Services Administration (GSA), US Government Register Here

This webinar is open to everyone and will cover the following topics:

  • The problem with today’s software identification techniques?
  • How do software identification (SWID) tags help?
  • What is a certified SWID tag and how does it help?
  • How do certified SWID tags reduce costs?
  • How can certified SWID tags increase security?
  • How do I specify requirements for SWID tags in RFP’s and other steps in the purchasing process?
  • What level of certification is required for SWID tags to be of the most use to the US Government?

Everyone who signs up for the Webinar will receive a copy of the GSA presentation titled, “Federal IT Asset Management: The Government’s SAM Challenges”.

  • Software Publishers – get firsthand knowledge of the issues large organizations such as the US Government have to deal with when it comes to managing software licenses.
  • SAM Tool providers – learn how certified SWID tags can be used to significantly improve reports and data analysis your customers see.
  • Software Purchasers – learn how to specify requirements for certified SWID tags throughout the purchasing process.
  • Government Agencies – learn how a more open and transparent Government can utilize certified software identification tags to support presidential executive order #13103 requiring software license compliance, as well as providing higher levels of security, all while lowering costs.

Register Here

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