Practical ITAM

The essential guide for IT Asset Managers. Getting started and making a difference in the field of IT Asset Management
Essential guide

The essential guide

The essential guide for IT Asset Managers. Getting started and making a difference in the field of IT Asset Management

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“This book will help bring those new to the profession up to speed in a way that fits the hectic pace of life today. Its 12 modules are manageable in size, and introduce people to most of the issues they will face in real life. These modules are supported by videos (excellent!), an organisational maturity assessment, a personal certification exam, and the ITAM Review online community.”

David Bicket, Co-editor of ISO/IEC 19770-1:2017 ITAM Requirements, Co-author of the ITIL SAM/ITAM Guide, Former convener of the ISO/IEC JTC1 SC7 WG21 (The ISO ITAM Working Group)

Making a difference in the field of ITAM

Practical ITAM

If you’ve just stumbled across the subject of ITAM, you can be forgiven if you feel a little overwhelmed. It’s not simply matching up what you own with what you’ve bought.

Start peeling back the layers of the ITAM onion and it soon gets incredibly complex. You might be feeling the pressure of software audits, or pressure to show cost savings or sharpen up your records. Looking at the sheer number of devices and software titles in your environment can be daunting, and there are only so many hours on the clock.

Over the years I’ve spoken to hundreds of IT asset managers who feel overwhelmed. These conversations made me realise it was important to write an independent industry guide on how to get started and make a difference. Throughout this book I will break the complex topic of ITAM into bite-size chunks and help you prioritise the steps that will make the most difference.

I distil some of the things I’ve learned along the way in a format that is modular and easy to consume, understand, and implement.

Read this essential guide for the IT asset manager, and you’ll understand what your top priorities are, what an IT asset manager is, what should be done first, and how a valuable and lasting ITAM practice can be built for your company. The subject is broken down into 12 manageable chunks, which allow you to identify where your strengths and weaknesses lie — and real-life examples and practical strategies show you how to make a real impact.


“This is a good guide for the ITAM practitioner. I believe it should be an essential asset to anyone that is starting out in this role and does provide a good base to get things going.”
~ Gilles Pinard, Software Asset Manager, Canada.

“Great read especially for those coming up in the ranks of ITAM, readers should be encouraged to use it as a comfy seat read and a reference as they mature in their program and career.”
~ Bryant Caldwell, Director, IT Finance & Asset Management, USA.

“I really like the informal style and non-techie examples that everyone can absorb, an invaluable guide that I wish I’d had access to when I started!”
~ Charlotte Craven, IT Contract and Licences Manager, UK

The Eurolager Plc. Team

Stella Hampton, Eurolager Plc

Throughout the book you will hear from Stella Hampton, an IT asset manager who has recently been hired to revive a flagging ITAM team.

We’ll join Stella as she builds a business plan, seeks senior management support, and implements a well-respected and high-value ITAM practice.

We’ll see first-hand how Stella uses a methodology called the 12 Box Model to prioritise her workload and focus her team’s effort on those tasks that will make the biggest impact.

Contributions from Experienced ITAM Professionals

“Practical ITAM” includes insights from real practitioners delivering world class ITAM out in the field. With thanks: (Top to bottom, left to right)

Tony Crawley

Gillian Leicester

Colin Simmons

Danny Begg

Filipa Preston

Rory Canavan

Recommended Approach

To make the best use of this book, first familiarise yourself with the key topics and then take our free online maturity assessment to identify the strengths and weaknesses in your company.

Next, ask questions in the ITAM Review community to get support from your peers.

Finally, verify your learning by taking the PITAM certification exam.

  1. Read the book
  2. Take the free maturity assessment (online here)
  3. Get peer support from the ITAM Review community (The ITAM Review forum)
  4. Get your learning verified with the Practical ITAM (PITAM) course and certification

Available for Global delivery via Amazon from $25 (Amazon UK , Amazon USA)

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