Microsoft Licensing Consultancy

Microsoft licensing consultancy and advice

Does your organisation have a project involving Microsoft where you need to better understand the:

• Products involved
• Licensing rules
• Potential risks

And how you can best streamline costs and reduce compliance risk? We can help.

As organisations face a range of new challenges such as:

• Digital transformation
• Increase of SaaS & IaaS cloud
• Hybrid & remote working
• Cyber attacks

(and more) fully understanding the Microsoft licensing requirements, risks, and opportunities can make a real difference to the success of projects.

We offer 1-1 support and advice as well as cross-discipline workshops to help bring together the various teams involved in designing, planning, and implementing modern software projects including:

• Solution Architects
• Infrastructure & Design
• Database Admins
• FinOps & Cloud Economics

To help ensure everyone involved understands the Microsoft licensing requirements, restrictions, and possibilities of each approach.
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