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The ITAM Review offers the latest news and insights within the ITAM field to keep you informed of the latest updates and best practices in the area. Our newsroom covers important topics in IT Asset Management, Software Asset Management and Software Licensing. Below you will find all of our articles in chronological order, then filtered into four main categories: News & Analysis, Best Practice, Audits and Software Publishers.
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    AI is Revolutionizing IT Asset Management: Early Research

    The preliminary results of a global study by the ITAM Forum have unveiled crucial insights into the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in the IT Asset Management (ITAM) industry. The findings show a growing use of ...
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    Digital document solutions - why every ITAM professional should be managing one

    In the face of growing environmental concerns and the urgent need for sustainable practices, the role of ITAM is expanding. Today, ITAM professionals are uniquely positioned to drive sustainability initiatives within their organisations. Sustainability in ITAM ...
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    ITAMantics - April 2024

    Welcome to the April 2024 edition of ITAMantics, our monthly news podcast where we discuss the biggest ITAM stories from the last month. George is joined this month by AJ Witt and Ryan Stefani. Stories tackled ...
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    Broadcom is removing expired VMware licences from its portal - take action now!

    Hot on the heels of Broadcom’s announcement of the end of perpetual licences for VMware it has given customers barely a week to download any keys for licenses from its portal with expired support. This is ...
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    Who Loses When Broadcom Wins?

    News of a new Broadcom deal rarely arrives with great fanfare. The November 2023 VMware acquisition provoked open worry online and in business circles, with many critics wondering whether the former Hewlett-Packard spinoff’s reputation would prove ...
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    Software Vendor Insights: What do the numbers tell us about the opportunities for ITAM negotiations?

    What software vendor insights can be gained from the latest financial results from Amazon, Google, Broadcom, Salesforce, IBM and SAP? An important part of ITAM is paying close attention to the health of the companies we ...
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    Flexera is first SAM tool vendor verified for Oracle E-Business Suite applications

    Flexera has announced that it has been verified as the first software asset management (SAM) tool vendor for Oracle E-Business Suite applications. Almost anyone with an Oracle estate will be familiar with the company’s License Management ...
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    ITAMantics - March 2024

    Welcome to the March 2024 edition of ITAMantics, where George, Rich and Ryan discuss the month’s ITAM news. Up for discussion this month are. Listen to the full ITAMantics podcast above or queue it up from ...
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    ITAM & AI, FinOps, Containers, ESG, security: The many ways in which ITAM has matured beyond its roots

    ITAM, AI, FinOps, Containers, ESG, security… Back in January I wrote about my picks from the agenda for Wisdom NA 2024. Building up to the event I also interviewed Eva Louis about the intricacy of IT ...
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    FinOps Framework updated to include new Licensing & SaaS capability

    The FinOps Foundation has added a new Licensing & SaaS capability to the FinOps Framework. Announced during a series of updates to the FinOps Framework for 2024, the FinOps Foundation has taken another step forward in ...

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