License Dashboard License Manager for Adobe License Management

08 December 2013
5 minute read

License Dashboard License Manager for Adobe License Management

08 December 2013
5 minute read

This review of License Manager from License Dashboard is part of our Adobe License Management feature.

License Dashboard Commercial Summary

Product Name License Dashboard License Manager
Product Version Reviewed 5.8
Version Release Date July 2013
Year Company Founded & Turnover 2008, not disclosed
Customers 400, plus ~ 500 through OEM agreements
Pricing Sample pricing £7,000 (~$11,200) annual subscription for up to 5,000 devices

License Dashboard for Adobe License Management

Adobe moved their license model to the cloud in 2013. Traditional perpetual license installs have been replaced with Internet based activation and control. Software is still downloaded and installed onto devices in the usual way, but the management of licensing and updates is automated via a cloud subscription model.

This poses a number of potential challenges for Software Asset Managers. It may not be financially viable to transition all Adobe users to a cloud subscription immediately so it is very likely that many organizations will be managing a hybrid environment over the next few years containing both subscription and traditional perpetual license models.

Adobe Licensing Scenarios – Cloud and Perpetual Hybrid


The hybrid of cloud and perpetual creates three scenarios:

  • Scenario A – Customer only has Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions. In this scenario Software Asset Managers can harness discovery and inventory tools to ensure all instances of Adobe software stem from a subscription (and not rogue perpetual installs)
  • Scenario B – Customer only has traditional Adobe perpetual installs. As with A, discovery and inventory tools can be used to ensure only perpetual installs are installed. Perpetual licenses and upgrades are no longer available from Adobe, so customers will need to upgrade to Cloud or migrate away from Adobe products as products age.
  • Scenario C – Hybrid of environment – mixture of traditional perpetual licensing and cloud subscriptions. Software Asset Managers need to split these two environments into discreet collections to manage them effectively. Creative Cloud installs can’t be reconciled against traditional perpetual installs and visa-versa.

License Dashboard can manage these three scenarios. Their software recognition engine can recognize instances of Adobe that have been downloaded via an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription and differentiate them from a traditional perpetual install.

When Software Asset Managers come to reconcile their Adobe estate, Creative Cloud installs are identified, greyed out and removed from entitlement calculations. Similarly, users of the system can also run reports on usage of Adobe Creative Cloud installations.

The only piece missing from the jigsaw is the ability to reconcile Adobe Creative Cloud subscriptions against Creative Cloud installs. This would require some form of API access to the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, which at the time of writing is not available into License Dashboard (or any other SAM tool). In the meantime this will be a manual reconciliation process.

Family challenges

The key challenge in managing vendors such as Adobe is translating the configuration data found by discovery tools and translating it into meaningful license information and product families. License Dashboard does a good job at filtering the important information for license management. Although it would be misleading to suggest that this a point-and-click exercise. License Dashboard and other SAM tools certainly bring great value to the reconciliation process but it is not a silver bullet to get you compliant.

In addition to recognition and product family grouping, License Dashboard can also support Adobe license management with identifying multiple installs or family overlap on the same device and making use of downgrade rights where appropriate (applying current license purchases to historic installs when terms permit). License Dashboard does not currently manage ISO/IEC 19770-2 tags.

This review of License Manager from License Dashboard is part of our Adobe License Management feature.


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