Former UK MD of Snow Software joins Campaign for Clear Licensing as CEO

07 July 2014
3 minute read
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Former UK MD of Snow Software joins Campaign for Clear Licensing as CEO

07 July 2014
3 minute read
Mark Flynn

Mark Flynn, CEO, Campaign for Clear Licensing (CCL)

Today we are pleased to announce that Mark Flynn has joined the Campaign for Clear Licensing (CCL) as CEO.

Mark has worked at the intersection of Software Licensing, SAM and Software Publishers for well over a decade and brings a huge amount of experience in building services and acting as a liaison between customers and software publishers.

Mark joins the Campaign for Clear Licensing from Snow Software where he was UK Managing Director for two years, prior to this role Mark held positions at Civica, Teksys and Bytes including winning the Microsoft 2011 Software Asset Management Partner of the year.

We have experienced interest in the Campaign from all over the world from some of the largest organizations on the planet who need support with licensing and audits. It is now time to build the resources required to deliver on our mandate and grow the impact of the Campaign.

Interest has stemmed from end user organizations purchasing and deploying software – but also from reseller partners, software publishers and consultants working in licensing who all agree more clarity would benefit the industry.

Speaking about his appointment, Mark said:

“There is a big hole when it comes to the representation of end-users in the software market. FAST, BSA, SIIA are there to support the cause of the software publishers, but no one is standing up for end-user organizations.

“Since Martin and the co-founders launched the Campaign there has been an incredible global response which demonstrates a need to provide end-user organisations with a body to represent them. I’m massively proud joining CCL and working on behalf of the end-user business community. One of my immediate objectives is to listen to what organisations want and turn this into a professional body and lobbying group to act on their behalf. We will also work closely on behalf of the Campaign’s members with all software publishers and other interested parties from the outset to ensure good positive results are delivered for all.“

As a non-profit campaign we are keen to provide a voice for end-user organisations so they can raise their concerns and address issues with software publishers in a positive and proactive manner.

This is a pro-Software campaign, software permeates every area of business today and the way we transact that software is via license programs. By making software license programs easier to understand and more transparent we can reduce the barriers to implementation of new technology and innovation.

In his new role, Mark will be responsible for building a team and resources to deliver against the Campaign’s mandate. A key task is to recruit an advisory board of industry stakeholders to represent and shape the future direction of the Campaign.

To contact Mark, learn more and lend your support to the Campaign for Clear Licensing visit

Mark Flynn on LinkedIn:

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