Review: Lime Software for Oracle License Management [BEST IN CLASS]

05 August 2014
3 minute read

Review: Lime Software for Oracle License Management [BEST IN CLASS]

05 August 2014
3 minute read

This is an independent review of Lime Software for Oracle License Management.

Review Summary


  • Product: Lime Discovery, Inventory and License Manager
  • Version: Lime Discovery 3.1, Lime Inventory 4.6, Lime License Manager 2.6
  • Version Released: January 2014
  • Year Company Founded and Turnover: 2007, over £1M
  • Total Number of Customers: 104

Lime Software Pricing Summary

Independent Review

Lime Software is an Oracle License Management offering, verified by Oracle, and dedicated exclusively to managing Oracle risk. Lime Software was the first to market in 2007.

Lime state their customers typically fall into one of two camps – either customers are looking for short-term tactical help to address an Oracle audit or are using Lime, perhaps with other tools, as part of their long term license management strategy.

Lime offers an intuitive and straightforward view of Oracle discovery and inventory and a pragmatic approach to verifying data and building an Oracle license compliance picture.

Lime introduced a free community edition for organizations to manage up to 5 Oracle databases and have begun to explore Oracle architecture as a route to efficient Oracle spend as well as license compliance.

In comparison to the other solutions in this review, reporting is an area for improvement.

We have awarded Lime Software Best in Class in this review for Oracle License Management because:

  • Lime offers a good array of competitive features for managing Oracle compared to other technology in this review
  • Lime has additional features focussed at the verification of data to support Oracle License Management
  • Is very competitively priced


  • Competitively priced
  • Good all round Oracle License Management tool with competitive features
  • Data verification steps to ensure accuracy and avoid trips during Oracle audits
  • Verified by Oracle


  • Reporting could be stronger

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In their own words:

  • Lime Software Products and Services help customers reduce costs in their Oracle Licensing. It has been verified by Oracle’s License Management Services Team, as one of a handful of suppliers who meet Oracle’s stringent audit capabilities.
  • For Oracle customers who need to reduce costs and maintain compliance in their licenses, the Lime Software Product family is a Software Asset Management tool-set that helps customers manage their risks and investments by delivering a comprehensive view of the contracts and inventory license position. Unlike our key competitors, our products are 100% focused on Oracle with product catalogue for over 2000 Oracle contract items, and Zero-foot print inventory and discovery.
  • Lime Software has engaged with 100’s customers to assist in Oracle licensing since launch in 2007. Lime Inventory was the first commercially available Oracle inventory and discovery tool.
  • In 2010 Lime License Manager was launched at the UK Oracle User Group, with over 2000 License rules built into the product to help customer with complex licensing issues.
  • In 2011 Lime was accredited with the Oracle 3rd Party tool Vendor Status.
  • In 2013 Lime Software launched the Open Program, delivering a SaaS License Management Platform for Oracle Partners.
  • Lime Software does not resell Oracle Licenses, and is 100% independent/focused on helping customers reduce their costs in Oracle and mitigating compliance risks.


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