Introducing the ITAM Review 12 Box Training Course

09 January 2016
4 minute read
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Introducing the ITAM Review 12 Box Training Course

09 January 2016
4 minute read

I am very pleased to announce a brand new FREE training course from the ITAM Review.

View the video below for a quick overview:

12 Box Training – 3 Minute Video Introduction

View the video directly on YouTube here.

Introduction – A new qualification for ITAM Review readers

The 12 Box Training and Assessment Programme is a year long educational course based on the ITAM Review’s 12 Box ITAM maturity model. This model is an independent view of ITAM Best Practice; a balance of people, process and technology – and all of the core competencies we believe should be integral to a modern ITAM practice.

12 Box Training - The ITAM Review 12 Box Assessment Model

The ITAM Review 12 Box Assessment Model

The programme enables worldwide ITAM professionals to attend monthly, one hour, webinar sessions to learn about all 12 elements of world class ITAM from the comfort of their own workspace. As part of the programme, users can independently assess their organization’s maturity at the start and end of the 12-month programme, with the goal of increasing ITAM maturity and improving your practice.

Our live, interactive webinars will not only be sharing best practice and ITAM theory, but will also lean upon the real life experiences of our community so you’ll learn what to do, from people who have done it. You will also be able to discuss and connect with others on the programme forum and share ideas and implementation strategies.

If you miss a session or enrol late… No problem, all sessions will be recorded for future playback.

At the end of the programme, delegates can complete an online exam to receive certification against the programme to demonstrate their learning. Details of this online exam will be confirmed soon.


12 Box Training & Assessment Programme – AT A GLANCE

  1. No huge time commitment – only hour per month
  2. Online – participate from the comfort of your desk
  3. All sessions are recorded – If you miss a session you can catch up at your own pace
  4. Peer support – dedicated forum to discuss strategies with peers
  5. A mixture of real life, ITAM theory and best practice
  6. Benchmark – includes a benchmarking of your organization before and after the training course

12 Box Training - Authority Module 1Module 1: Authority

“How to secure and maintain senior management support for IT Asset Management”

Learning Objectives

  1. How to sell ITAM to senior management
  2. How to create a compelling, relevant and realistic business plan
  3. How to measure success and keep senior management engaged


  • Introductions
  • How to sell ITAM to senior management
  • Building the business case and tailoring communications
  • Measuring impact and returns
  • Maintaining momentum
  • Case Study

See full details of all modules here:


If you aren’t able to attend the live sessions, you can watch the recordings at your convenience (after the live sessions) on demand. Please use the same links above to register for the live sessions or to access the recordings.


12 Box Training Programme – Overview of future modules

See details of all modules here:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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