How to sweat software assets

16 June 2016
2 minute read
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How to sweat software assets

16 June 2016
2 minute read


sweat software assets

How do we make our software assets work hard and generate every last drop of value?

Our 12-box training module last month covered automation and the ITAM request process (82% of you told us you had semi-automated ITAM requests, 18% were still doing things manually).

This month we turn our attention to Entitlement and in particular how to sweat software assets. We will also cover how to prepare for major contract negotiations and how to avoid overload with complex licensing agreements.

Module 6: ENTITLEMENT: How to sweat software assets


  1. What is entitlement? What is an ELP?
  2. Four people at the table for negotiation
  3. The Guitar hero view
  4. The Campaign for Clear Licensing view on licensing clarity
  5. What is audit ready?
  6. Licensing knowledge RACI
  7. Managing vendor license statements
  8. Options for sweating assets
  9. PUR and sweating assets
  10. Contract negotiation 101

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Modules 1 to 5 are available on demand (registration required) here:

Entitlement is usually tackled first as project as you begin to stand up your ITAM practice, we’ve included it in the ‘Take-off’ stage using the diagram below:

Three stages to ITAM implementation

Below you can see Entitlement as part of the entire sequence for the 12 box model:

The 12 box plan

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