Podcast Episode 35: The XaaS Market

05 May 2017
2 minute read
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Podcast Episode 35: The XaaS Market

05 May 2017
2 minute read

In this Podcast, I am joined by Podcast regular – Kylie Fowler, Principle Consultant at ITAM Intelligence to pick her brains on all things XaaS.

Podcast Topics

  • About Kylie
  • Kylies view of the XaaS market
  • How ITAM should prepare for this transition (skills)
  • Qualities / management styles / tools that might be different in a XaaS world
  • How to quantify business value
  • Tips for XaaS negotiation


To find out more about the CMSG BCS Conference on 9th May in London click here.


The ITAM Review UK Conference 2017


Kylie will be speaking on day 2 of our UK Conference with her session:

Vendor Negotiations in a Cloudy World

You might not realise this, but software negotiations are no longer a simple matter of buying licenses that you may or may not use, while vendors rake in the profits.

Cloud and SaaS vendors have real, physical infrastructure sitting in massive data centres. That means real economies of scale are at play, it means vendors want and need a genuine commitment from customers to use their services, and it means a new focus on value and the introduction of creative charging models.

What does this mean in practice? It means your negotiating tactics need to change! In this session, learn the best techniques for negotiating with SaaS and Cloud vendors. It will cover:

  • What vendors want from you and why this matters
  • How you can use this understanding to your advantage during sales negotiations
  • Why you need to negotiate with the end of the love affair in mind
  • Your key contractual risks when negotiating Cloud and SaaS agreements

Come and meet Kylie and attend her expert session at The Kia Oval London on 13th & 14th June 


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