IBM Licensing Essentials training added to LISA

05 July 2018
2 minute read

IBM Licensing Essentials training added to LISA

05 July 2018
2 minute read

I’m pleased to announce that our IBM Licensing Essentials training course is now live and available to LISA subscribers.

LISA is our on-demand online training from The ITAM Review.

IBM Licensing Essentials Training

Eric Chiu delivering our on-demand IBM Licensing Essentials course on the LISA platform

The IBM Licensing Essentials training course has been created in partnership with Eric Chiu of H W Fisher’s IT Asset Consulting practice (FIAC), our long term go-to-guy on IBM Licensing.

This means our ITAM essentials subscription now includes:

  • Practical ITAM Course
  • Microsoft Licensing
  • Oracle Licensing
  • IBM Licensing.

Continuing to drive our vision of creating a “Netflix-like” all you can eat subscription for ITAM training.

In addition to IBM Licensing training, we have also recently added course completion certificates, demonstrating successful completion of courses. A formal certification exam and certificate is live for Practical ITAM (PITAM), Oracle and Microsoft certifications are in the pipeline to be released soon.

What’s next?

Kylie Fowler has recorded “An Introduction to Audit Defence”, which follows in August. SAP Licensing also follows in 2018. For a full view of our planned training course please view our roadmap on Trello here. These courses will be added to LISA subscriptions at no extra cost.

IBM Licensing Essentials Training Course

The IBM Licensing Essentials Curriculum:

“Helping you understand the various types of agreements, how to understand the most common licensing metrics, how to manage your IBM estate in a virtual environment – and the key gotchas to be aware of, plus much more.”

  • IBM Agreements and contracts
  • Processor Value Units (PVU)
  • Resource Value Units (RVU)
  • Sub-Capacity Licensing
  • User based licensing
  • Proof of Entitlement
  • ILMT

A Free trial of the Licensing Course is here

Full IBM Licensing Essentials curriculum:

Get in touch

If you have any questions regarding the IBM training course or LISA in general, please give me a shout. Please also let us know what other training courses you would like to see.

Thanks, Martin

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