Sherry Irwin, TAM Inc, ITAM Leadership Profile

03 December 2019
2 minute read
ITAM News & Analysis

Sherry Irwin, TAM Inc, ITAM Leadership Profile

03 December 2019
2 minute read

In this podcast I speak with Sherry Irwin of TAM Inc.

ITAM Leadership Profile

Sherry is a ITAM industry thought leader and contributor. Sherry runs her own Management Consulting practice, runs the world’s longest standing ITAM user group and also contributes to ISO standards.


“The Canadian IT Asset Management Users’ Group is a non-profit organization, established in 1992 in response to customer issues with certain vendor practices and rising software costs, and a shared interest to formulate a collective response to same.”

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In this podcast we discussed a number of topics including what is the difference between a contractor, a consultant and a management consultant in the ITAM industry?

Sherry Irwin

Contractor? Consultant? or Management Consultant? What is the difference?

Topics include:

  • Sherry’s background
  • The role of escrow and SAM
  • Changes in 24 years of ITAM
  • The difference between contractor, consultant and management consultant
  • Canadian ITAM users group
  • Advice on starting out as a management consultant
  • ISO WG21 Group
  • Why ITAM is more than just asset tracking
  • Global software audit activity levels
  • The confidence to scrutinise supplier data
  • Points of failure for ITAM practices
  • ITAM Definitions (Software License Compliance, Software License Management)

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