SAP Digital Access Adoption Program (DAAP) set to expire

25 February 2020
3 minute read

SAP Digital Access Adoption Program (DAAP) set to expire

25 February 2020
3 minute read

Digital Access

April 2018 saw the introduction of SAP’s Digital Access (DA) – a new way to license potentially tricky Indirect Access situations.

Then May 2019 saw the introduction of the “Digital Access Adoption Program” (DAAP) to help encourage organisations to move to the new program.

Recap on Digital Access

Digital Access is based on document type and quantity, rather than user count. The 9 document types are:

  • Sales
  • Invoice
  • Purchase
  • Service & Maintenance
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality Management
  • Time Management
  • Material
  • Financial

And these are priced based on quantity tiers and weighting for certain document types.

SAP have assigned 6 “core principles” to Digital Access which they list as:

  • Simple
  • Value Based
  • Outcome Focused
  • Transparent
  • Flexible
  • Measurable

I think it’s pretty easy to question exactly how simple, transparent, flexible, and measurable the new licensing method actually is and, as I said in my original article, there are questions about exactly what happens should you find yourself under, or over, committed. Without more information on these scenarios and potential issues, it’s hard for an organisation to know exactly what they’re committing to.

What is SAP DAAP?

The Digital Access Adoption Program comes in 2 flavours:

Measurability Option

This method requires a customer to estimate the number of documents currently created within the business.

Financial Incentive Option

Organisations have 2 ways of taking advantage of this option:

License at least 115% of estimated current document usage – representing 15% growth – and pay only for the license growth


License at least 100% of estimated current document usage and receive a 90% discount on Digital Access.

Time’s up for SAP DAAP – nearly

SAP stated when they introduced DAAP that it was “planned to be [in] place for one year” – and that 12-month deadline is in May this year (2020). It will be interesting to see whether SAP extend the availability of DAAP – I’m not sure what Digital Access adoption has been like over the (almost) 2 years since it was introduced…but an extension of DAAP would be a good indication.

If you’re an SAP customer and have been thinking about taking advantage of DAAP, bear in mind you have only a couple of months left. Equally, it’s probably sensible to be on the lookout for SAP reps pushing this option harder in the run up to its (potential) end.

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