ITAM Forum expands chapter network, volunteers required

20 January 2022
3 minute read
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ITAM Forum expands chapter network, volunteers required

20 January 2022
3 minute read

Connecting the world’s ITAM professionals

We want you! The ITAM Forum is actively recruiting Country Chapter Leads. Could this be for you?

A few months ago, the ITAM Forum published the results of its first membership survey, in which “networking” (40%) stood out as a key interest of respondents and one reason for joining the Forum in general.

Country chapters as ITAM Forum networking hubs

To harness the potential of like-minded individuals coming together, the ITAM Forum has now launched two country chapters (German (Austria, Germany and Switzerland) and the U.S.A.) to provide members with the opportunity to network at a more local level and to also learn, share best practices and to help grow and develop the ITAM profession in general.

“We really want to help chapter members learn, so education is our biggest focus. We want to continue to bring new, end-user voices and new perspectives into the chapter for the benefit of everyone”. Shannon Peterson-Rivero, USA Chapter lead

“I’d like to help give the German market a stronger voice internationally. I’d also like the Germany chapter to be an open, SAM / ITAM community where all ITAM professionals (…) are welcome and can come together to share insights and best practices”. Johannes Biesing, German Chapter lead

Since these chapters began, they have grown in numbers and meet regularly (virtually) to discuss a wide array of topics. The opportunities for networking, growth and learning are there for all chapter member, including the chapter leads.

“I’d like to learn more about process improvements and how to capture and communicate upwards the benefits we, as an ITAM team, deliver to our organisation.” Shannon Peterson-Rivero, USA Chapter lead

“I would like to learn more about contract negotiations, stakeholder management, best practices, and smart combinations of tooling and managed services. I look forward to speaking with others and learning from them about these things.” Johannes Biesing, German Chapter lead

The ITAM Forum is now recruiting more chapter leads

With the above in mind, the ITAM Forum is now looking for volunteers from the ITAM profession who may be interested in leading chapters. Please get in touch to discuss further. In particular we’re seeking volunteers in Australia, France, India, South Africa and the UK.

If this is an opportunity that interests you and you’d like to discuss this in more detail or receive further information, please get in touch with the ITAM Forum via

Thanks, Martin

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