Wisdom North America 2022: My top 3 sessions

28 March 2022
3 minute read
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Wisdom North America 2022: My top 3 sessions

28 March 2022
3 minute read

Two packed days and 36 sessions later, Wisdom North America 2022 is all wrapped up. Don’t worry if you missed the event, as we will be keeping the sessions available to view on-demand. From how to build a successful ITAD programme to SaaS discovery to managing ITAM with a hybrid workforce, the emergency of SaaSOps, ITAM’s contribution to security, FinOps etc. we had a really packed agenda.

Here is my pick of the top three sessions you might have missed. But this is just my list, visit the events page to find the sessions that will help you.


Give them what they want within reason

By Beth Kaminski, IT Asset Program Manager at Dart Container Corporation

The “business” (any department other than IT) is now in actively selecting and sometimes procuring their own software. With the exponential growth of SaaS applications, the challenge of being informed much less reviewing application before purchase is daunting. Also let’s not forget all the shelf ware that remains after the purchase of something new that needs to be reviewed.

In this session, Beth addresses strategies that have worked to “give the business what they want”. That is within reason based on sound software asset management principles.


Emergence of SaaSOps

By Jim Hussey, Institute for the Advancement of SaaS Governance & Optimization Best Practices & Author of The Survival Guide to SaaS Optimization

As SaaS Management continues to grow in importance with mid to large enterprises and SaaS professionals move beyond discovery and optimization activities, the issue of effective governance of SaaS applications is quickly taking the lead.  Leveraging research from The Institute for the Advancement of SaaS Governance & Optimization Best Practices, this session highlighted the core building blocks and application of automation to enable implementation of SaaSOps.


Information Security & ITAM

By Sherry Kennedy, IT Asset Management Analyst at Brunswick Corporation

Security is a responsibility shared by everyone within an organization. By incorporating security strategies throughout ITAM policies, processes and procedures, you can bridge the gap between ITAM and IT security. ITAM enhances the security program, by facilitating a more robust security approach which can safeguard an organization’s IT assets, intellectual property, reputation, and financial well-being.

Get a better understanding of how the ITAM program benefits and relates to the information and physical security initiatives by watching this session.


These are just three of the many, many sessions. Be sure to check out the events page to catch up anything you missed.

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