Wisdom Unplugged: What’s it all about Rich?

09 September 2022
4 minute read
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Wisdom Unplugged: What’s it all about Rich?

09 September 2022
4 minute read

Further to the recent sad event of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II passing, the ITAM Review and Snow Software took the difficult decision to reschedule Wisdom Unplugged from Tuesday 20th September to Wednesday 9th November 2022. We look forward to seeing you in November.  If you need any further information regarding the conference then please contact support@itassetmanagement.net

With the ITAM Review’s first “Wisdom Unplugged” event just weeks away (Wednesday 9th November 2022), I sat down with Rich Gibbons to get the lowdown on this new free event for ITAM professionals and those who work with ITAM.

1.    What makes Wisdom Unplugged different from the regular Wisdom events?

Rich Gibbons

Our flagship Wisdom events have dozens of sessions covering a wide range of different areas – Wisdom Unplugged is one track over a single day. The aim of Wisdom Unplugged is to give attendees even more opportunities to network, talk, and share their thoughts and insights.

At Wisdom, as with most conferences, attendees are mainly in “receive” mode – listening and taking in large amounts of information. With Wisdom Unplugged, we want to give them the opportunity to switch to “transmit” mode – with several sessions built around them sharing thoughts, feedback, and questions.

2.    Why did ITAM Review launch Wisdom Unplugged?

We want to give ITAM professionals another opportunity to connect with each other, and the opportunity to spend a day with like minded peers considering and discussing the future of ITAM. The changes we’re seeing across IT, business, and society as a whole influence – and can be influenced by – ITAM and our aim is to help give people the space and forum to consider this.

Our hope is that attendees will leave with new insights, new plans, and new connections – all to help them be the best ITAM professional they can be and to make the maximum impact within their organisation.

3.    Who should attend Wisdom Unplugged?

Of course, anyone working within ITAM should attend but I also think many people in what I call “ITAM adjacent” roles would benefit from attending too. This includes, but isn’t limited to, areas such as:

It would also be great to see some senior leaders and execs come along to learn more about ITAM and how it can help them achieve their goals over the next 12+ months.

4.    The first session at Wisdom Unplugged asks the question “Where is ITAM heading in 2023?” Can you give us a hint where ITAM is heading?

I don’t want to give too much away of course but it’s fair to say that things are getting ever more complex, the cloud continues to grow, disruption continues to occur, and these all present a range of challenges for businesses.

They also present a range of opportunities for ITAM to level up as an industry – to become more business focused, more strategic, more dynamic, and more well respected across the board. We, at ITAM Review, want to empower and enable our community to take full advantage of everything that is happening now and is coming over the horizion.

Wisdom Unplugged is a one-day, FREE event taking place in London on the Wednesday 9th November 2022. Secure your ticket at the Wisdom Unplugged website.

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