Java audits are coming: Podcast episode 120

29 November 2022
3 minute read

Java audits are coming: Podcast episode 120

29 November 2022
3 minute read

In this episode of the ITAM Review podcast AJ Witt & Silke Henderson-Stuenkel of Matrix42 discuss what’s new in Oracle Java licensing including:

  • Introduction to Oracle Java licensing
  • Differences in license agreements
  • Java license risk exposure
  • Oracle verified Java discovery and inventory tools
  • Preparing for a Java audit

The ITAM Review has received reports of several Java audits in 2022 so this podcast is an ideal opportunity to get up to speed with the subject. We believe that Oracle’s Java tool verification program is a sign that audit activity on this ubiquitous product is likely to ramp up in 2023. In fact, don’t take our word for it – this is what Safra Catz, Oracle CEO said in June 2022:

“In addition, of course, in technology, we also have our leading Java business, which on-premise is an extensive use and in the cloud is at no charge. So customers can be motivated to bring their Java to the Oracle Cloud and to use it at no charge, their Java program and to use it at no charge”

Source: Oracle Corporation (NYSE:ORCL) Q4 2022 Earnings Conference Call June 13, 2022 5:00 PM ET

As followers of our Oracle coverage will be aware, Oracle have used audits to “motivate” their Oracle Database customers to purchase Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) products. Is Java next? Silke sets the scene:

Until recently Oracle did not include Java in its licensing audits. A lot of customers felt safe with their Java compliance, but recently Oracle has started to include Java in its licensing audits. Now we have seen quite a few Java audits with customers receiving Java audit letters. There is a major change now that Oracle sales is not only calling their customer and questioning their Java usage, but now Java is included in the official licensing audits. Oracle has also introduced a new verification programme for Java. This means that third party vendors are able to verify their solution to be used in Oracle engagements when it comes to Java.”

For more on managing your Oracle license risk read the “Identifying Oracle Database Licensing Risks” white paper from Matrix42.

For more advice and news on software audits, visit ITAM Review Audits page.

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