Our picks for Wisdom NA 2023

02 March 2023
8 minute read
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Our picks for Wisdom NA 2023

02 March 2023
8 minute read

With Wisdom NA 2023 barely a few weeks away, we thought now would be a good time to run through the agenda and pull out our top sessions.

To make things easier, we’ve organised the sessions into topics, so whether you’re looking for something on FinOps, audits, ISO/IEO 19770-1 certification, sustainability or stakeholder engagement, you should quickly be able to find the sessions that are of most interest to you.

Beyond the ITAM topics, make sure you participate in one of the Industry Sector Forums on the second day. Since a problem shared is a problem halved, these informal roundtables give you an opportunity to share your challenges and wins with others in your sector, so that everyone can benefit from the shared learnings. We have organised Industry Sector Forums for the following sectors; Healthcare, State & Federal Government (Public Sector), Banking & Finance or Retail, so please join the session most closely aligned to your industry.


How to Win ITAM and Influence FinOps – Rob Martin, FinOps Foundation

Day 2: 12:20 PM – 12:50 PM

FinOps is on everyone’s minds right now. As cloud use continues to grow, more and more focus is being paid to cloud resources, usage, and spending. The financial impacts of moving from traditional data centre IT to Cloud and SaaS consumption models create dramatic change in many areas.

Hear from Rob Martin, FinOps Principle at the FinOps Foundation. You can here more from Rob in his article, “FinOps, ITAM and the Shift to Cloud.”

ISO certification

The value of ISO/IEC 19770-1 Certification – Martin Thompson, ITAM Forum

Day 1: 03:15 PM – 03:45 PM

ITAM Forum

Hot off the heels of the ITAM Forum officially launching the world’s first ISO certification for ITAM, hear from the man with the plan, Martin Thompson, CEO of the ITAM Forum and founder of the ITAM Review. This session will provide an update on the scheme and answer the most frequently asked questions.

Audits & Licensing

Microsoft licensing changes in 2022 – cloud, virtualisation and more – Rich Gibbons, ITAM Review

Day 1: 01:30 PM – 02:00 PM

Everyone’s favourite Microsoft watching Northerner takes a look at some of the key changes that have come out of Redmond in the last 12 months, and how they impact you and your organisation.

Covering changes to agreements, product line-ups, and licensing rules – this session will help you quickly identify the most important changes for your next renewal or negotiation.

Audit Defence – It is more than just having the data – Rick Sheffer, Wolters Kluwer

Day 1: 02:05 PM – 02:35 PM

When preparing for a software audit many people focus on the installation and entitlement data. Although that is extremely important, you cannot lose site of the many equally important factors leading up to an audit including your mental preparedness. During this session, Rick will share his personal experiences and some tips and tricks.


Transforming Your ITAD to Sustainable ITAD – Roger Grieve, R2 Guru

Day 1: 01:30 PM – 02:00 PM

Every organization performs an ITAD function, but just getting rid of your old IT assets and receiving some kind of return isn’t enough anymore.

This session will discuss the differences between ITAD and Sustainable ITAD, outline the better decisions that create better outcomes, and give you the questions to help your organization rethink and reposition the ITAD function. 

Driving forward Sustainable IT with ITAM data and processes – AJ Witt, ITAM Review

Day 1: 02:05 PM – 02:35 PM

AJ Witt, ITAM Review

With increasing regulatory requirements at federal, state, and industry level around ESG now is the ideal time to build and drive a Sustainability agenda within IT. This session explores how what we already do as ITAM teams can support Sustainable IT and deliver benefits across the ESG spectrum. Learn how to leverage ITAM data to enable your organizations to make informed decisions about hardware, software, and cloud consumption. 

ITAM business case / Stakeholder engagement

Influencing Your Stakeholders – How to get more buy-in for your ITAM programme – Diane Wilkinson, Presenting Virtually

Day 1: 10:00 AM – 10:45 AM

You need to influence a wide range of stakeholders: executives, peers, your team and vendors. But how do you get them to listen to you? How do you boost your authority and credibility? This keynote will show you practical steps to help boost your standing with the people you need to influence. You’ll find out what makes people tick and understand the psychology behind how people make decisions. Armed with these tools, you’ll become far more influential with your stakeholders and ensure that you are viewed as a trusted partner.

Stand Up Stand Out and Grow – Beth Kaminski, Dart

Day 1: 01:30 PM – 02:00 PM

As SAM practitioners, the goal is to continually grow and mature our programs or practice. Additionally, if you are starting a practice executive support is essential. In the ever-competitive atmosphere of obtaining funds and support to satisfy the technology needs of today’s business environment, how can SAM secure the funds and support to keep moving forward and be relevant.

For more on Beth’s thoughts on stakeholder management, catch our recent interview with her.

Increase your odds in getting the necessary (and elusive) funding for your SAM program – Jillian McCue, CDK Global

Day 1: 03:15 PM – 03:45 PM

Whether it’s resources or funding for other things a SAM program requires, there are ways to set yourself up for success. Jillian discusses methods for educating others in the value of the SAM program and justifying continued and sometimes increased funding.

Caught in the Middle: Selling SAM Up and Down – Doug Rabold, Bold Ray Consulting

Day 2: 12:20 PM – 12:50 PM

This session, based on a case study, explores one of the primary challenges of implementing a SAM program – gaining buy-in. It will focus on the need to properly position the program with two key stakeholder groups – executive leaders and downstream service consumers. Both groups represent existential threats to getting SAM off the ground.

To access the full agenda and book your tickets, visit the Wisdom NA 2023 website.

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