Flexera launches solution for measuring IBM Passport Advantage usage

08 June 2023
5 minute read

Flexera launches solution for measuring IBM Passport Advantage usage

08 June 2023
5 minute read

Flexera One Select for IBM to the rescue!

Hot on the heels of the IBM Passport Advantage bombshell, Flexera have come to the rescue of IBM customers with a “limited edition” version of their Flexera One license reporting tool specifically for IBM – Flexera One Select for IBM.

Why is this needed?

Effective from 1st May 2023, IBM introduced an update to the IBM Passport Advantage agreement which significantly increases the compliance risk for IBM customers. Buried deep within the updated terms was the requirement for customers to “… create, retain, and each year provide to IBM upon request with 30 days’ advance notice: i) a report of deployed Programs, in a format requested by IBM, using records, system tools output, and other system information; and ii) supporting documentation (collectively, Deployment Data).”

The changes significantly increased the measurement and reporting burden for IBM customers, so a tool was clearly needed.

For more details and analysis of the IBM Passport Advantage changes announced earlier this year read our full story embedded here:

What does it do?

During a briefing with ITAM Review, Cyndi TackettSVP Marketing described Flexera One Select for IBM as a “limited edition” of Flexera One IT Asset Management (ITAM) designed to simplify and automate IBM-only license reporting. The “limited edition” moniker relates to the fact this is a version of Flexera One that is feature clipped to only installed IBM software and contractually restricted to exclude selected optimisation. Flexera One Select for IBM is an approved alternative / replacement to the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) and integrates with IBM License Service to track IBM Cloud Pak consumption.

It will be launched to the market via IBM Assured SAM Partners (IASP partners) to provide a way for IBM customers to focus on their IBM licensing first, while providing a foot in the door for IASPs / ITAM consultancies to eventually expand their engagement beyond IBM. It will also be available via IBM and Flexera and is an annual subscription, licensed by server & desktop count.

What are the main Flexera One Select for IBM features?

  • Technology resource data: Visibility and insight into IBM software consumption. It discovers, identifies, and normalizes IBM products, including IBM bundles. 
  • Consumption intelligence: Flexera One Select for IBM helps enterprises to comply with IBM sub-capacity reporting requirements by providing product normalization with ILMT and IBM License Service and provides high water mark and sub-capacity license positions.  
  • IBM software reporting: SaaS-based platform that, once implemented, automatically reports on peak and current consumption of IBM software. Flexera One Select for IBM enables customers to report an effective license consumption of IBM products that have been purchased and deployed.   

Positive industry reaction

IBM Authorized Service Providers (IASP) have been responding favourably to the new solution: 

Michael Adams, Managing Director with KPMG’s CIO Advisory (CIOA) practice:

“The market demand is growing for improved license consumption reporting and Flexera One Select for IBM helps address these demands. It provides a useful entry point for IBM customers who want to address IBM license reporting requirements, then expand their ITAM initiatives to optimize their license position across all vendors.” 

Ron Brill, Chairman, Anglepoint:

“The release Flexera One Select for IBM addresses a big need that Anglepoint sees in today’s market: an ever-evolving state of change across our customers’ license visibility and reporting requirements. Hybrid IT environments make it difficult to track and manage IBM license consumption. Customers want a single pane of glass —not separate tools—to manage deployments, whether on-premises, cloud, SaaS, or for containerized workloads.”  

Analyst insights

The fact that this product can sit alongside other 3rd-party ITAM tools is a big plus, both for Flexera and customers. This enables them to continue using their primary tool of choice while also getting the IBM management features offered by Flexera – potentially a “best of both worlds” scenario. The length of the ramp-up period of a new tool is often a concern for ITAM professionals but Flexera state that this being 2 – 4 weeks is a real possibility with this new offering.

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