UK SAM Networking Event - London, 20th September 2011

05 September 2011
2 minute read
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UK SAM Networking Event - London, 20th September 2011

05 September 2011
2 minute read

2 minutes walk from Covent Garden, London, UK


Independent UK SAM Networking Event

Following continued requests we are organizing another meet-up for anyone in the UK SAM industry following our meet up in March 2011.

This is a great opportunity to get up to speed on the latest developments in the world of SAM and network with your industry peers and discuss ideas, issues and solutions.

This is not a commercial or sponsored event. It is independent of vendors, consultancies, resellers or other industry influences; however there may be attendees at the event from these organisations, and SAM experts, who you may wish to speak to.

The agenda for this meeting will be:

  • Introduce the meeting and its purpose
  • Introduction of attendees and understanding of the topics that interest them
  • Select an agree topics and discuss in main forum (or attendees may prefer individual networking with people interested in similar topics)
  • Agree format of next meeting and frequency.
  • Agree process to set future agenda or select topics to discuss.

Agendas for future meetings will be based on attendee feedback so presentations will only by included if requested and agreed by attendees.

If you have any interest in SAM please come along and meet like minded people.


  • Tuesday 20th September 2011
  • Networking and coffee from 6pm – Meeting 7pm to 9pm


BCS, 1st Floor, The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London, WC2E 7HA


The room has been provided to us courtesy of the BCS CMSG (which represents the interests of SAM within the BCS) and is free of charge to attend.
The meeting is being organised by Ian Preskett and David Phillips. If you have any questions or wish to have a topic included please email Ian and David using


You do not need to be a member of the BCS but you must register with BCS in order to gain access to the building.

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