Higher priorities and lack of understanding hinder ITAM

23 February 2016
2 minute read
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Higher priorities and lack of understanding hinder ITAM

23 February 2016
2 minute read

A quick poll during our January webinar revealed that ITAM competing for attention amongst other higher priority initiatives was the most common blocker to senior management support.

“They can’t comprehend the value or the work involved” ~ Michael

Senior management not understanding ITAM was a close second.


Poll results as follows:

Q. What is your biggest blocker to getting Senior Management support for ITAM?

  • Higher priorities 35.1%
  • They don’t understand ITAM 29.8%
  • Don’t understand the opportunity 22.5%
  • Lack of data 6.0%
  • Other 6.6%

The results were based on 151 responses on 28th January 2016.

Several respondents noted that their current situation was a combination of those listed above.

“Our Senior Management feels there are many higher priorities but I feel they aren’t properly prioritizing it because they don’t understand ITAM.” ~ Gemma

The webinar, entitled “How to secure and maintain senior management support for ITAM” covered how to sell ITAM to senior management and building a compelling, relevant and realistic business plan. The webinar and training module is available on demand and free of charge to ITAM Review readers.

A key part of the session and they way to ensure ITAM is a priority is by focussing on brevity, financial impact and messaging. See the webinar play-back for more details. 

Questions raised during the session are posted in the following thread in our forum: https://forum.itassetmanagement.net/1909937/How-to-secure-and-maintain-senior-management-support-for-ITAM

TRANSITION – How to harness ITAM and ITSM Integration

The next session is on the 25th February (available on demand thereafter) on the topic of ITAM and ITSM Integration.

Key topics for this session include:

  • The opportunities for ITAM and ITSM integration
  • Working with change management, IT architecture and project managers
  • Sharing the ITAM work load with the IT team

Learn more and register here: https://itassetmanagement.net/training/

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