How to conquer complex licensing

09 August 2016
2 minute read
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How to conquer complex licensing

09 August 2016
2 minute read

Our 12-box training module back in June covered ‘How to sweat software assets’ and manage entitlement, this month we extend the topic by looking at the dependencies that exist between data types and ‘How to conquer (or at least begin to tame) complex licensing’.

A poll during the entitlement module told us that 48% of you have good visibility of what is purchased, entitled to use, terms of use and any contractual obligations or limitations. Tracking actual consumption is another matter entirely – but it is good to see that at least half have good visibility of potential contract risk. As Richard Spithoven stated in a recent video, SAM should really start with a contract risk assessment.

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This month we cover the role of user management, how ITAM can interact with the CMDB and how to conquer complex licensing.

Module 8: DEPENDENCIES: How to conquer complex license types


  • The importance of user management
  • Case study: Office 365 optimization
  • What is configuration management
  • Managing dependencies
  • Taking the sting out of complex licensing

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