The role of verification in ITAM

07 December 2016
2 minute read
Best practice

The role of verification in ITAM

07 December 2016
2 minute read

In advance of the last module in our 12 Box Assessment Model Training CourseVerification: How to maintain audit ready statusI met with Rory Canavan, owner & founder of SAM Charter to discuss the role of verification in ITAM.

Rory covers the following points in the video below:

  • Why it’s important to verify data and drive accuracy
  • Comparing data sources
  • Remediation  
  • Root cause analysis 
  • Escalation 


On the 15th December 2016, The ITAM Review is bringing you the twelfth and final live webinar in this popular training course – The 12 Box Training and Assessment ProgrammeThis model is an independent view of ITAM Best Practice; a balance of people, process and technology – and all of the core competencies we believe should be integral to a modern ITAM practice.

12 Box Training & Assessment Programme – AT A GLANCE

  1. No huge time commitment – only hour per month
  2. Online – participate from the comfort of your desk
  3. All sessions are recorded – If you miss a session you can catch up at your own pace
  4. Peer support – dedicated forum to discuss strategies with peers
  5. A mixture of real life, ITAM theory and best practice
  6. Benchmark – includes a benchmarking of your organization before and after the training course

Click here for more information on module 12 and to register to watch live or on demand.

Certification for the ITAM Review 12 Box Training Course will be available from January 2017 via an online examination, details will be announced soon.


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