Review: BDNA Technopedia

08 February 2017
2 minute read
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Review: BDNA Technopedia

08 February 2017
2 minute read

This review takes a look at the core capabilities of BDNA Technopedia, the route to market for the company, competitive strengths and weaknesses, and market reach. Check out the full review on Tools Advisor here.

At a Glance

“A unique and innovative offering. BDNA aggregates, cleanses and filters enterprise data sources into a single source of asset data, then enriches it with market intelligence to enable smart decision-making.”

Strengths and Weaknesses 

BDNA Platform Product Portfolio

  • Technopedia – Repository of enterprise software and hardware asset information
  • Normalize – Aggregate and normalize raw asset data
  • Discover – Agentless asset discovery
  • Analyze – Analysis and data visualization on BDNA information 

TechnopediaAnalysis – BDNA Technopedia

BDNA offers a reference catalogue of software and hardware information to help IT Asset Managers make better decisions.

BDNA takes a feed of purchase information, installation information, subscriptions and usage and normalizes data into a consistent language. The recognition process is similar to that seen in traditional SAM tools for identifying the risk in software, but also extends to reconciling procurement and hardware information and has use cases way beyond the ITAM department.

BDNA’s value proposition is that authoritative data allows organizations to be more productive, move faster and be more efficient and secure, by clarifying exactly what they own, use and have purchased using a commonly understood and consistent language. The business is empowered to make more accurate and timely decisions.

Read the full review on Tools Advisor here.


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