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Long-form content from ITAM leaders and practitioners that delves into the details of an issue. Perfect for the hands-on ITAM professional.
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    Harnessing the power of Microsoft Copilot: A guide for business decision makers

    Download this new Microsoft Copilot guide from the ITAM Review and SoftwareOne to help business decision makers navigate Microsoft’s new AI assistant Introducing Microsoft Copilot Microsoft Copilot is an AI-powered productivity tool that coordinates large language ...
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    Five Steps to optimise SaaS costs and deliver rapid savings

    In this new white paper by AJ Witt and Zluri we look at how organisations can optimise their SaaS costs in light of the significant increases in software prices during 2022/2023 and the continuing challenging economic ...
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    Building a SaaS Centre of Excellence: New whitepaper

    In this new whitepaper, AJ Witt from ITAM Review and Andrea Jacquemin, founder of the SaaS management platform Beamy explore how to unlock innovation and agility by building a SaaS Centre of Excellence. The speed of ...
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    ITAM Insights Report 2023

    A perfect storm of changes creates unprecedented uncertainty for organisations when it comes to managing their IT costs in 2023/2024. Download here. The ITAM Review’s roundup of the main events shaping ITAM in the next 12 ...
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    Wisdom NA 2023: Post Event Pack

    The ITAM Review Wisdom conference returned in-person to North America following the COVID-19 pandemic, aiming to help the community connect, grow, and learn across 2 days of plenaries, workshops, and networking sessions. With a primary mission ...
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    The IT Asset Manager’s (ITAM) Guide to Sustainable IT

    IT Asset Managers and key stakeholders have an opportunity to align their processes and activities with the growing global focus on sustainability. Given the importance of this topic, the ITAM Review has prepared this free guide ...
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    Remove Oracle Java with this ITAM Manager’s Guide

    Why would you want to remove Oracle Java? A recap In January 2023 Oracle announced a huge change to the licensing terms for Oracle Java by switching to employee count licensing. Since then, ITAM managers have ...
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    The ITAM Manager's Guide to Digital Supply Chain Management (white paper)

    Management of the software Digital Supply Chain (DSC) is about creating a seamless, integrated set of systems and activities across the procurement lifecycle of software and cloud services, from software demand to fulfilment and optimization. The ...
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    Beyond ITAM – Your Guide to IT Visibility (white paper)

    In this white paper, co-written with USU, we examine the benefits of applying ITAM tools and methodologies to solve a key IT Management challenge – that of IT Visibility. We propose that a united approach, founded ...
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    Proactive Steps for Managing Cloud Costs

    Cloud usage and cloud spend continue to grow. Spend on infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and software-as-a-service (SaaS) was predicted to reach well over $200 billion by 2020—and that was before COVID-19 accelerated many organisations’ moves to the cloud. ...

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