Maturity Assessments

Maturity Assessment

Maturity assessments

Take our free Maturity Assessments and receive a customised and personalised report packed with ITAM best practices. Use them to baseline your processes, policies, and tools across a variety of ITAM disciplines and work out where to focus your continuous improvement programme. For further details, see the FAQ below.

Available maturity assessments

ITAD Maturity Assessment

Developed in conjunction with Dynamic Lifecycle Innovations, a leading provider of ITAD solutions, our ITAD Maturity Assessment enables companies to determine the maturity of their IT Asset Disposition programs and to identify areas requiring increased focus. With increasing regulatory requirements, very real financial and reputational risks, and a renewed focus on making IT sustainable, ITAD is quickly becoming a vital part of lifecycle management for physical IT assets.

Audit Defence

Our audit defence assessment, run in conjunction with Scott & Scott LLP, checks your maturity across the entire audit lifecycle – preparation, data acquisition, running the audit, and audit close. Audits are still very much a fact of life for ITAM teams and so having strong maturity in this area will do much to reduce cost and risk. Take our free assessment today and see how you measure up.

SaaS management 

SaaS Management is becoming a critical discipline for all ITAM teams, driven by the rapid rise of SaaS in recent years. With usage expected to increase 8-fold by the end of the decade now is the time to get up and running with a SaaS Management programme. Take this assessment, presented in conjunction with Zylo, to check your maturity across governance, people, processes, and tools.

Practical ITAM

Our renowned 12 Box ITAM Maturity Assessment is back. Over the years it’s helped hundreds of ITAM Professionals improve their ITAM programmes. Fully updated to reflect changing technology and regulatory requirements, the assessment will check your readiness for coming ITAM challenges such as managing hybrid cloud infrastructures and getting the right stakeholders on board.

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