Adventures on the Great Wall of China

09 November 2017
2 minute read
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Adventures on the Great Wall of China

09 November 2017
2 minute read

I’ve just returned from an EPIC trip trekking along the great wall of China!

The trek in and around Beijing was one of three events planned this year for Sebastian’s Action Trust.

Thanks to everyone who sponsored me, especially to my corporate sponsors Snow Software and SAM Charter.

As a team I’m very pleased to share that we’ve hit our £14K target with more funds and our Go-Karting Cup to follow in January.

Our sponsorship page:

It’s no exaggeration to say it was a life changing adventure.

A new country, new culture, new language and meeting new people.

Not to mention the physical challenge, rather than the “Great Wall” it would be better described as the “Great Staircase” of China. Whilst we only walked around 40 miles for our 6 day trek, we climbed a mind boggling 700 floors, equivalent to climbing the steps of the Empire State Building seven times over.

In short, I would strongly recommend it.

The trek was organised via a company called Global Adventure Challenges – who I would also recommend if you fancy pushing yourself in 2018. You can select the charity of your choosing or simply just pay for the adventure. I’ve been bitten by the bug and I’m already shortlisting the next adventure.

Thanks again for your support! Cheers, Martin

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