ViacomCBS save 32% on Zoom by managing SaaS as an asset

02 December 2020
2 minute read
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ViacomCBS save 32% on Zoom by managing SaaS as an asset

02 December 2020
2 minute read

ViacomCBS save 32% on Zoom In this podcast AJ Witt  and I interview James Moy from ViacomCBS.

James shares his approach to optimising spend on SaaS apps, including Zoom.

James covers the whole optimisation process including the people to communicate with, the processes to be refined and the technology to track consumption.

We also discussed how to maximise the user experience when removing software from users to prevent any friction or bad feeling.

James shares his approach to vendor management and building strategic partnerships with suppliers as an alternative to being nickel-and-dimed during the negotiation process, to ensure mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

Thanks to James for sharing his progress. For the ITAM industry to flourish, it is really important that we share wins like this for everyone to see.

Topics covered:

  • The shift in spend to SaaS
  • Implementing a SaaS management practice and bringing end users with you
  • Building the business case for SaaS management
  • API plugins and data being revealed by publishers
  • Limitations in Adobe Creative Cloud usage analytics
  • Asking vendors for usage analytics during the procurement / negotiation process
  • Removing the requirement to buy new salesforce subscriptions through visibility of usage and reallocation
  • Best practices from AJ:
  • Transactional vendors and strategic partners
  • Using credit card data to identify rogue spending and grey IT
  • Where to start with SaaS optimisation and which suppliers to prioritise
  • ViacomCBS business performance during the pandemic

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