ITAM + DEX – a podcast with 1E

26 May 2022
2 minute read
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ITAM + DEX – a podcast with 1E

26 May 2022
2 minute read

In episode 113 of The ITAM Review podcast I talk to Jason Keogh, Field CTO of 1E, about Digital Employee Experience (aka DEX). We cover a range of topics including: 

  • What DEX is and how it can help a modern business 
  • The various ways in which it relates to, and crosses over with, ITAM 
  • How ITAM professionals can use DEX to expand their reach, remit, and recognition 

and we look at it from both a hardware and software perspective including hardware refresh rates and management of SaaS applications.

DEX is a pretty new area, but I really think it can offer benefits to ITAM professionals, particularly as we continue to move through so much change in both technology and ways of working. Understanding where DEX sits and what it aims to achieve will help you improve management of software & hardware, reduce costs, improve corporate sustainability efforts and more. If you’re looking to: 

  • keep your ITAM offering fresh for best internal ROI 
  • gain visibility from your exec team 
  • widen your personal skills 

this podcast will give you some insights to get you started. 

Further information 

Check out our ITAM + DEX webinar here

Read our recent “Intro to DEX” article here.  

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