ITAM Review becomes patron of ITAM Forum

07 September 2022
3 minute read
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ITAM Review becomes patron of ITAM Forum

07 September 2022
3 minute read

The ITAM Review is pleased to announce it has become a patron of the ITAM Forum, the global trade body for the advancement of the IT Asset Management industry. Many of you will be familiar with the ITAM Forum and the various collaborations we have done together.

The ITAM Forum has two objectives:

  • to bring (and be a caretaker of) an ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification scheme to market so organisations can demonstrate the quality of their ITAM practice
  • to elevate and grow the ITAM profession
ITAM Forum

Quoting from the official announcement on their website, the ITAM Forum stated, “We at the ITAM Forum are thrilled to have the support of so many Patrons, ITAM industry organisations that share our mission to promote and grow the business practice of IT asset management. These Patrons include ITAM tool providers, ITAM service providers and now, for the first time, a media outlet: the ITAM Review. We’re thrilled to welcome the ITAM Review to our community.”

Karen McAllen, Chief Operating Officer, The ITAM Review comments, “We are delighted to be a patron of the ITAM Forum, supporting its efforts to raise the profile of ITAM and to advance the professionalism of the industry as a whole; something we have been passionately advocating since the ITAM Review published its first article in 2008.”

Our objective is to be the world’s number one destination for ITAM practitioners to learn, grow and advance. Working with the ITAM Forum will allow us to extend that mission while playing our part in helping to advance the industry and support the Forum in its goal of bringing the world’s first ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification scheme to market.

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