What happened at Wisdom Unplugged 2022?

05 December 2022
4 minute read
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What happened at Wisdom Unplugged 2022?

05 December 2022
4 minute read

Last week we hosted our first ever Wisdom Unplugged event at the Leonardo Royal hotel in London. In contrast to our flagship annual Wisdom events which cover multiple steams and take place over two days, Wisdom Unplugged is a much more focused, single stream, single day event. The aim of Wisdom Unplugged 2022 is to give attendees the chance to meet and work with their industry peers to learn and share information between them. The more relaxed format also gives the chance for more teamwork and collaboration, which makes Wisdom Unplugged 2022 a great complementary event to our annual Wisdom events.

What happened at Wisdom Unplugged 2022?

The event kicked off with Rich Gibbons from ITAM Review and Jelle Wijndelts from Snow Software discussing where ITAM is heading in 2023 with – looking at price increases, the cloud, SaaS and more.

Jelle then explained how to build a 12-month ITAM roadmap, which looked at the following three elements:

  1. Which assets you should manage
  2. How new operating models are impacting ITAM
  3. The alliances you need to form in your organisation

The event then shifted into workshop mode, where everyone worked together in groups to answer 3 questions as we head into 2023:

  1. What are your objectives?
  2. What are your challenges?
  3. What can you and/or your business do to resolve them?

Objectives included:

  • Security
  • Sustainability
  • Tier 1 vendor ELPs
  • Educating internal stakeholders & staff about ITAM
  • Cloud optimisation
  • Rolling out tools
  • Increasing spend efficiency
  • Migrating more services into the cloud

Challenges included:

  • Constantly changing business strategy
  • Managing assets in the new hybrid environment
  • Software sprawl and shadow IT
  • Lack of resources
  • Lack of internal recognition for ITAM
  • Managing partners

Solutions included:

  • Increasing the internal sharing and use of ITAM data
  • Define the scope of ITAM
  • Standardise reporting
  • More ITAM resources
  • Create internal partnerships
  • Work to gain/strengthen executive sponsorship

We talked about what attendees wanted to see in a ITAM tool and this included:

  • Clearer licensing/purchasing for the SAM tools
  • Cost modelling for on-premises and cloud resource migrations
  • Container visibility
  • Use of AI & ML to make tools more pro-active

The event ended with a panel session with Rich, Jelle and Julia Veall from Vodafone discussing a range of topics including employee experience, the changing IT landscape, aligning ITAM objectives to corporate goals and more.

We also had the opportunity to present Julia with Vodafone’s ITAM Project of the Year 2022 Excellence Award, as she was unable to attend the award ceremony at the annual Gala Dinner last week.

Julia Veall receiving the ITAM Project of the Year 2022 Excellence Award on behalf of Vodafone

With the event having been postponed twice due to the Queen’s funeral and then a rail strike, we were thrilled to finally host the event. It was a fantastic day absolutely packed with content. It was nice to see new and returning faces alike, with new connections being made between attendees and others building on relationships formed at Wisdom EMEA.

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