12 days of ITAM: The recap

09 January 2023
2 minute read
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12 days of ITAM: The recap

09 January 2023
2 minute read

All your ITAM advice in one place

In order to regale our readership with a gift every day over the festive period, we published our very own twist on the 12 days of Christmas. Given the unoriginal title of the “12 days of ITAM,” we did just that – publishing a new ITAM-related story every day for 12 days, starting on the 25th December 2022 through to 5th January 2023.

12 days of ITAM

Did you miss anything? Here is your essential reading to kick off 2023, all in one place:

Day 1 – Audits

Day 2 – Software relicensing

Day 3 – FinOps with Catherine Zhang

Day 4 – Procurement

Day 5 – Cloud management

Day 6 – Microsoft licensing

Day 7 – ISO/IEC 19770-1 certification with the ITAM Forum

Day 8 – FinOps with the FinOps Foundation

Day 9 – C-Suite

Day 10 – ITAM tools trends

Day 11 – SaaS Predictions for 2023

Day 12 – IBM in 2023

What are your hot topics for 2023?

What are you worried about going into 2023? What would you like the ITAM Review to cover more of this year? If there is a topic you want us to cover, please email me on george.wright@itassetmanagement.net and we’ll do our best to cover it this year.

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