Top 5 ITAM Review podcasts of 2022

21 February 2023
6 minute read

Top 5 ITAM Review podcasts of 2022

21 February 2023
6 minute read

Did you know we now have two ITAM Review podcasts? The podcast and The articles and they’re both now available on spotify

We launched the ITAM Review podcast on Spotify late last year, and with the help of AudioHarvest’s AI, we have also created a supplementary podcast which takes all of our written articles and reads them to you. While the automated nature won’t suit everyone, if you love the convenience of podcasts and don’t want to miss a single ITAM Review article, simply subscribe to the ITAM Review Articles podcast and you’ll be kept up-to-date.

If you want to subscribe to either podcasts on Spotify, you can access them here. Don’t worry, they’re still available on Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud as before.

Top 5 ITAM Review podcasts of 2022

We published a lot of podcasts in 2022. Here is our pick of the top episodes.

Episode 125: Oracle Audit Strategy and what to expect in 2023

Recorded prior to Oracle’s recent shenanigans to switch Java to employee licensing from 23rd January 2023, AJ spoke with Michael Corey and Dean Bolton from License Fortress discuss the findings of their recent survey on audit tactics, and what to expect from Oracle in 2023. Hear about their Java strategy, price rises, and focus on Oracle Cloud.

Given the Oracle Java price hike, our readers have understandably been concerned about their Oracle exposure. We have already heard real-world estimates of between 2x – 10x cost increases from this move alone. Oracle Java is now a multi-million-dollar line item in your IT budget and therefore requires immediate attention and action. Make sure you listen to this podcast to hear what else Oracle may have up its sleeve. Likewise, if you’re looking for ways to reduce to remove Oracle Java from your estate entirely, be sure to read our ITAM Manager’s Guide to removing Oracle Java.

Episode 120: Java audits are coming

Sticking with the Java theme, the ITAM Review received reports of several Java audits last year, so this podcast provides an ideal opportunity to get up to speed with the subject. We saw Oracle’s Java tool verification program as a sign that audit activity on this ubiquitous product is likely to ramp up in 2023.

In this podcast Silke Henderson-Stuenkel of Matrix42 introduces Oracle Java licensing, the differences in license agreements, Java license risk exposure, Oracle verified Java discovery and inventory tools, and preparing for a Java audit.

Fireside Chat with Melad Tashtezar: How do you become IT Asset Manager for Just Eat?

In a change of pace from our regular podcast content, the Fireside chats give us an opportunity to learn more about the people behind ITAM. What are they working on? What path led them to where they are today? What advice do they have for others looking to pursue a career in ITAM? What are their personal and professional goals?

In this episode we discuss Melad’s journey from IT deployment at Imperial College London to IT Asset Manager at Just Eat within ten years. While most ITAM managers will admit the path to their role was not a direct one, and often not intentional, Melad has been laser focused on ITAM throughout his career. From procurement to lifecycle management and even application virtualisation, Melad’s breadth of experience is extensive, but each step took him closer to his ultimate goal of an ITAM role.

Episode 117: Protect against stealth software audits

Another action-packed discussion covering Oracle, audit tactics, court cases, recent acquisitions, contract terms and much more. This podcast focused on stealth software audits, where Rich sat down once again with four great guests:

The discussion also talks about new terms to best describe modern software audits (stealth software audits?). Between LicenseFortress and Beeman & Muchmore LLP, there are decades of experience in audits and the legal arena – tune in and see what they say!

Episode 111: Building the relationship between ITAM & FinOps

A 2022 roundup wouldn’t be complete without a FinOps discussion. In this podcast, Rich spoke with Wouter Deceuninck & Diederik Van Der Sijpe from Deloitte about all things ITAM & FinOps.

Both Diederik and Wouter have extensive ITAM experience and have been working with organisations as they move to the cloud, and Rich as been presenting about the synergy between ITAM & FinOps since 2019, so there are plenty of great insights in this podcast.

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