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What does the future hold for software? How will it be delivered, how will it be priced, and will we ever be able to move to a usage-based pricing model? In my opinion, all enterprise software ...
19 June 2014
5 minute read
As an IT asset management consultant, I’m in this business because I want to be remembered for making a difference. But ‘making a difference’ can mean different things to different people. For the CFO for example, ...
25 February 2014
6 minute read
The most common challenge we face when starting a new software / IT asset management project is obtaining reliable data on exactly how many assets we’re dealing with. Lack of visibility is the biggest challenge. In ...
30 July 2013
6 minute read
On the whole I’m a big fan of Microsoft KMS, which were introduced by Microsoft as a more efficient way of activating all of the computers on a local network without each individual computer needing to ...
19 June 2013
5 minute read

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