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Microsoft WPC (Worldwide Partner Conference) was held in July. I was delighted to be asked to speak at it. The session was entitled “Cloudy, with a chance of Virtualization” – and the audience were Microsoft partners ...
09 September 2012
6 minute read
This is the second part of a two part discussion on SAM reports – and specifically on how actions suggested by a report  (for example, from a license compliance tool) may differ greatly from the actual ...
17 July 2012
5 minute read
As with almost any complex area of life or business, Software Asset Management is seldom black and white. Like most of us, SAM practitioners need to deal with various shades of grey. This is the first ...
19 April 2012
7 minute read
This is a guest post by Jason Keogh of iQuate. If you want to guest post on this blog please contact us. I’m delighted to say that I’ve been asked to become a regular contributor  to the ...
09 March 2012
4 minute read

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