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Back in March of last year I wrote of the Skills and Experience required for the ITAM profession. I talked about the key qualities of ITAM professionals such as analytics, licensing and contract smarts, industrious work ...
12 August 2014
4 minute read
I receive quite a few ITAM related CVs across my desk in the average week, so I thought I would share what I consider to be the most redeeming qualities for ITAM professionals and how those ...
06 March 2013
5 minute read
Outsourcers are a major part of the IT landscape. Third party service providers and integrators are responsible for managing a large proportion of public and private sector infrastructure and systems. For outsource contracts to be profitable ...
05 February 2013
4 minute read
Editors Note. I’ve known Paul Sheehan for over a decade. He is a forthright, well-respected and experienced SAM practitioner and I’m pleased that I’ve finally convinced him to step out of the shadows to share his ...
04 December 2012
6 minute read

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