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Most people are aware that Oracle classifies  – in its Partitioning policy – the different virtualization/server partitioning technologies into. Soft Partitioning Hard Partitioning Oracle Trusted Partitions for Oracle Engineered Systems The most commonly used virtualization technology ...
05 September 2018
8 minute read
Oracle Database 18c was introduced in late 2017 by Larry Ellison, Oracle’s executive chairman and CTO, as ‘a big thing’. Also called the “Oracle Autonomous Database”, Oracle Database 18c automates security, provisioning and error handling. Oracle ...
13 July 2018
3 minute read
Approximately 10 years ago, Oracle Corporation started to sell a type of agreement known as the “Unlimited License Agreement” (ULA). An Unlimited License Agreement provides an organisation the right to unlimited deployments of a certain range ...
12 June 2018
6 minute read

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