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 By Sean Robinson of License Dashboard Last month, Matt Barlow, Corporate Vice President at Windows confirmed it will begin prompting users still running Windows 7 to visit Microsoft sites to understand their options regarding the upcoming ...
11 June 2019
5 minute read
The SAM manager is embedded in SAM every day. They know what it entails. Their job can feel like an uphill struggle against numerous forces inside and outside the organization. As we all know, managing an ...
05 February 2014
6 minute read
Self-service application request systems, sometimes called AppStores or Software Catalogs, are becoming increasingly attractive thanks to their promise of simplifying the approval and deployment of software while meeting user demands for a more consumer-style experience in ...
29 August 2013
6 minute read
The following comment piece is contributed by Sean Robinson of License Dashboard, a firm that specialises as a supplier of software license management tools. Once an organisation has decided to implement a software asset management (SAM) ...
12 July 2013
5 minute read
This article has been contributed by Sean Robinson of License Dashboard. Microsoft Product Use Rights Document – the hidden font of Microsoft licensing knowledge! As any Software Asset Manager should know, a license is actually the ...
06 March 2013
8 minute read

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