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Our organisation has recently gone through a lot of change – we have been bought out by a much larger organisation and are now a division that is being incorporated into a large, enterprise organisation. Whilst ...
15 February 2017
5 minute read
We recently spoke about free ITAM tools, gathering all of our software licenses and starting physical software audits. That was back in October, and 5 months on we are making good progress with our internal audits. ...
24 March 2015
7 minute read
In my last article I talked about stopping the rot and getting the basis right. Part of getting the basics right is having some sort of tool in place so that you can implement processes and ...
29 October 2014
9 minute read
I started my previous article trying to paint a rough picture of what our ITAM estate was like without giving too much away and blowing my secret identity. I was very grateful for the number of ...
02 July 2014
7 minute read
This article serves as the diary of an IT Manager and the issues that he/she faces on a day-to-day basis without a dedicated ITAM structure in place within their organization. What you read is 100% based ...
09 May 2014
5 minute read

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