Event: Cost Management in a Recession

30 April 2009
1 minute read
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Event: Cost Management in a Recession

30 April 2009
1 minute read

Software Licence Management vendor Aspera held a “Cost Management” seminar in Frankfurt back in late March.

Their main take-away points for managing software costs in a recession are summarised below.

Increasing employee awareness is an important point because it really sends out a message that the IT Department are ‘doing their bit’ to save the company money.

Recognising Value

  • Procurement – Increase the utilization of existing assets e.g. purchasing updates instead of more expensive full versions
  • Centralise Procurement if you have not done so already

Unused Licenses

  • Capitilize – facilitate the full use of existing software, take advantage of free updates, offload those applications which are not required.
  • Avoid demand based or ‘Just in Time’ Purchasing

Increase Employee Awareness and Sense of Responsibility

  • Offer incentive schemes to employees for prudent use of software, be transparent about costs, apply a manager approval process for new software
  • Offer Alternatives – free software, used software, rented / SaaS applications

Aspera repeat the event in Chicago on the 7th May, further details can be found here

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