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    ITAM in 2023 from the recruiter’s perspective

    A conversation with Damian Harris, Global Talent Acquisition Manager at ITAM Review Careers The world is a very different place from where it was this time last year. Europe is at war, inflation is rampant, and ...
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    Two new LISA courses incoming

    ITAM Planning & ITAD Practitioners courses are on their way LISA, the ITAM training service from the ITAM Review, have two exciting new courses launching in the next few weeks; The ITAM Planning and ITAD Practitioners ...
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    Training is essential in the ITAM field, and we offer certified IT asset management training that helps you develop your career and develop your ITAM practice. ITAM may be complex, but training with LISA is easy. ...
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    Microsoft advisory

    Microsoft licensing can be complex, time consuming, and difficult to get right – particularly alongside the various other aspects of your role. Let us help you analyse, streamline, and revitalise your Microsoft software and licensing as ...

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