Green IT Budgets On The Rise

02 June 2009
1 minute read
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Green IT Budgets On The Rise

02 June 2009
1 minute read

Symantec have published a report into the attitudes of organisations towards “Green IT”. They surveyed over 1,000 companies worldwide.

High Level Summary of Findings

  • Green IT has moved from a wishlist item to high priority. 97% were discussing Green IT Strategy, 67% discussing or trialing Green IT initiatives and 30% have already implemented a strategy
  • Green IT budgets are rising and IT are willing to pay a premium for green equipment.
  • IT is at the heart of Enterprise Green Efforts. 81% of IT Departments are responsible or are cross-charged for data centre electricity. 92% believe IT has a pivotal role.
  • Top Priorities
    1. Energy Consumption
    2. Reducing Cooling Costs
    3. Reduce Pollution
    4. Qualify as a “Green” Company
  • Most Common Tactics
    1. Replace hardware with more efficient models
    2. Monitor power consumption
    3. Server consolidation
    4. Server virtualisation

Finally, 55% are considering SaaS as part of a strategy to reduce power (Then somone else can worry about the servers).

The report is here
The accompanying press release is here

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